Parents are finding out what their kids are being taught -And its not good!

Well, teachers should be worried. Now that most parents have had 3-4 months of sitting behind their kids watching them being taught by their teachers, the average teacher should be scared. 

We've talked to more parents that are taking their kids out of the public school system and looking for a Private school lately than I've ever seen. The reason? They watch how their kids were being taught - and they weren't happy. 

Initially, when our kids first started the online training, we were happy th ... Read more

Could the current Public School online teaching get any wors

We are now a week into the school Hybrid program. We thought it would improve the all-day classroom environment that our kids were doing before. We were wrong. 

Initial thoughts: Classes are now even shorter. The actual schedule has be...Read more

How well are your kids dealing with "At Home Learning"?

How well are your kids dealing with & quote At Home Learning & quote?

Some things we've learned so far on how to optimize at Home Learning.

How well are your kids adapting to learning from home? If you're like ...Read more

The science says it's time for schools to be back open

It's the first of March, and most of the kids in the state of Washington still are not in school. Does anyone actually know why? Are you still going with the "It's not Safe" excuse? Well, we're the last to think that still. Washingto...Read more

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