WA State Carbon tax is already hitting our pocket books...

Published   Mar 10, 2023 04:05PM
Here we go again. Washington state government has become involved in issues that penalize all of us and do nothing to achieve the stated goals. The Washington state taxpayer has pockets so deep that there isn't a state tax that he or she didn't think was great. I wonder if you talked with a state taxpayer if they'd agree with that statement? So where's the disconnect?

The average fuel price in Washington again rises after five straight weeks of price increases.

According to AAA data, the a ... Read more

Holidays or Bust - which camp are you in?

We're almost to the end of 2020, and it's been interesting, to say the least. Politicians have told us what to do, where to go, how to save ourselves, which businesses can be open, which ones can't... It's been a year of Government cr ... Read more

Going to write something about Opinion

This description is going to work as a text placeholder for the test town opinion category, As I'm going to write about it on the WikiXM. Once you've completed the category words in this description section , I'll go to the SEO secti ... Read more

Why are people still getting the vaccine, boosters, and flu

Why are people still getting the vaccine, boosters, and flu shots?  I have seen and heard so many lives being cut short after they receive the vax and boosters. I have been sick 4 to 5 times in the last 2 years from people who had their vaccine ... Read more

Know about USA's top 6 big State/Cities names population wise-

Know about USA's top 6 big State/Cities names population wise-

In this article, I am going to describe USA's Top 6 States population-wise.

Out of the total of 50 States, the State name New York City is one of the biggest cities in the USA. Newyork is having a total of 8,467,513 people population.
In the second place, the State name will come as Los Angeles. This particular state is having the total number of 3,849,297 people of Population.
Chicago state from the USA is added to this list in th ... Read more

Here comes Winter! Are you ready?

The Summit at Snoqualmie finally opened in the last week. Had to take the kids up to their ski team activities. It was a typical early winter set of storms, wet, slush mixed with ice. On the 3rd trip, the temperature finally dipped and the snow ... Read more

Snowfall in the Cascades and Olympics this year has been Awe

This snow year started slow, with low mountain snow around the Snoqualmie Summit area not gaining major accumulations until recently. In the last couple of weeks, the early snow shortfalls caught up with mother nature dumping feet of snow into the Sn ... Read more

Biden has the healthcare problem backwards....

The Biden administration recently introduced another piece of their plan to lower prescription drug costs. Furthermore, HHS announced timelines for the government to negotiate on consumers' behalf. According to the new administrative guidance, ta ... Read more