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Missouri Mall to be Torn Down for Massive 80 Acre $2B Project

Reporter: 101theeagle

 Missouri Mall to be Torn Down for Massive 80 Acre $2B Project

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Goodbye to something old to make way for something brand new. Get our free mobile app The Chesterfield Mall will be torn down by the end of next year to make room for a massive $2B project. The new project will provide over 2,000 apartments, restaurants, and retail spaces, and take over an 80-acre piece of land that the Chesterfield Mall currently sits on. According to KSDK the project received its final approval from the city council and will start learning down the Chesterfield Mall soon.

My family and I used to shop at that mall a ton, but in the past years it has lost almost all of the retail shops that once were there, The Cheesecake Factory is the only restaurant left and there are several pickleball courts throughout the mall now. There's no timetable as to when this whole project will be complete, but it will be interesting to watch as they take the once-popular mall down and replace it with something really amazing. The Chesterfield Mall first opened in 1976 and had a few anchor stores including Sears.

In 1978 the cinema joined the mall and through the years more and more stores joined. There was once a Ferris Wheel in the middle part of the main mall. Starting in the early 2000's the cinema closed, anchor stores started closing, and the once-popular America-Girl Doll Store closed their doors after only being there a few years. It's sad to see the mall having plans to be torn down, but how cool is it going to be to have a spare that big filled with additional retail shops and restaurants for that area? It will be fun to watch.

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