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Ron DeSantis tells Iowans: ‘I’m with farmers’

Reporter: Floridapolitics

 Ron DeSantis tells Iowans: ‘I’m with farmers’

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Right on


A new op-ed from Gov. Ron DeSantis makes clear his commitment to farmers in the Hawkeye State. The piece in the Des Moines Register argues a “robust agriculture sector is a key part of a stronger America, especially when it comes to the vitality of family farms and ranches,” and blames Washington for making farmers’ jobs tougher than they should be. “In traveling across Iowa, I have spoken with farmers, ranchers, and others involved in the state’s agriculture industry about the challenges they face.

Iowa farmers exemplify the values — faith in God, belief in family, and love of country — that serve as the foundation of America and do a great job feeding the world. Yet, the federal government insists on making it more difficult to farm,” the Governor writes. “I will not allow unelected federal bureaucrats to stifle American agriculture.

The federal government is out of control. This hurts our economy and critical industries like agriculture and distorts the very idea of constitutional government,” he adds. The Governor rehashes his familiar arguments against electric vehicles, while saying ethanol at the pump would be part of his agenda that will “ensure that America’s fuel economy is driven by moms in Marion, not bureaucrats in Washington.” Additionally, the consumption of animal flesh is key to his vision for America’s future, as evidenced by his take against environmental, social, and corporate governance. “ESG is bad for agriculture — it seeks to expose social credit scores, penalize traditional farming practices, and even disfavor the use of meat.

Such policies could very well generate a farm crisis. Elites that gather in places like Davos for the World Economic Forum seek to micromanage all aspects of society. Those types of policies will be dead on arrival in the DeSantis administration.” DeSantis also vows to protect Iowans from California policy preferences. “I will also keep ideologues in California off the backs of Iowa’s farmers and producers.

California has tried to use its market power to dictate how Midwest farmers raise livestock and steward water. I will prevent both federal and state overreach from obstructing our agricultural industry.” The Governor has made these arguments part of his ongoing tour of Iowa’s 99 counties, including a fiery denunciation of California laws insisting on giving pregnant pigs room to turn around in captivity.

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