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Law Enforcement Requests Assistance in Identifying Barns in BTK Serial Killer Cold Case Investigations

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 Law Enforcement Requests Assistance in Identifying Barns in BTK Serial Killer Cold Case Investigations

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Notorious Serial Killer BTK May Be Linked to More Unsolved Cases Law enforcement officials are investigating whether Dennis Rader, also known as the BTK killer, may be responsible for additional unsolved missing person and homicide cases. The Osage County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma is focusing on Rader as the prime suspect in a 1976 cold case and other unsolved crimes in three states. Rader, who is already serving 10 consecutive life sentences for 10 murders committed in Wichita, Kansas, has long been a subject of fascination for law enforcement.

His detailed drawings of barns and silos in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri have caught the attention of investigators, who believe they may hold clues to these additional unsolved cases. Images of Rader’s drawings were obtained by CNN, originally recovered by law enforcement following his 2005 arrest. The Osage County Sheriff’s Office is now seeking public assistance in identifying the barns and silos depicted in Rader’s drawings.

They believe that Rader may have buried a missing 16-year-old girl, Cynthia Dawn Kinney, in a barn near the Kansas-Oklahoma border. Investigators also revealed that Rader has previously sent clues about his murders to law enforcement, playing cat-and-mouse games with investigators. In a surprising turn of events, Rader’s daughter, Kerri Rawson, has joined the investigation as a volunteer.

She has walked old haunts with investigators in an effort to uncover new leads and shed light on her father’s actions. Recently, Rader led investigators to a “hidey hole” containing new evidence that had not been previously discovered by law enforcement. However, the health of the aging killer is a growing concern for investigators.

They fear that the evidentiary items may deteriorate over time, making it more difficult to connect Rader to unsolved cases or rule him out as a suspect. Rawson, determined to get answers and bring justice to the victims, confronted her father in prison in the hope of eliciting a confession to more crimes.

Unfortunately, Rader has not confessed. As the investigation continues, authorities remain hopeful that processing the newly discovered evidence will provide critical links to unsolved cases. Regardless of her father’s guilt, Rawson remains committed to seeking justice for the victims and finding closure for those affected by these horrific crimes.

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