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Where To Find The Best French Toast In America

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 Where To Find The Best French Toast In America

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Right on


Where To Find The Best French Toast In America Breakfast isn't just for breakfast anymore. After surviving actual decades spent restricting all the best foods to sometime before 11 a.m., the early morning menu has been released into the wild the rest of the day ... or night. Whenever you want that giant bowl of Fruity Pebbles, you can go get it. Of course, we stick to a certain hierarchy of options when it comes to our favorite meal of the day.

And at the tippy top of the sweet column, we're 100% ordering French toast whenever possible. Yes, we could make it at home, but why? Is this the apocalypse? Are zombies lurking in the streets? Is there a desperate need for one more soggy piece of bread barely holding it together after a too-eggy milk soak and burnt to a crisp on the edges while also underdone in the center? We can't bring ourselves to shame maple syrup like that.

We're perfectly happy leaving the French toasting to the pros, especially if we're brunching at the joints on this list. These chefs have got some serious game. Like your French toast with salted duck egg yolk? Billionaire's bacon? Crème brûlée? How 'bout challah, brioche, or sweet milk bread? We've also got key lime pie, Pocky, peanut butter, and juicy marionberries.

From Briques to boats, and everything in between, we're piling on the toppings and diving into the best French toast in America.

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