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Here’s a Look at the Most Popular Sport in Every New England State

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 Here’s a Look at the Most Popular Sport in Every New England State

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I remember growing up in the 1980s when all I ever heard and believed was that baseball was America's pastime. I thought it was the only sport that truly mattered. And I wasn't alone. The entire country was seemingly as baseball-crazed as I was. I mean, who didn't love collecting cards, watching the All-Star game, and buying some peanuts and cracker jacks? Well, times have changed.

Not only has baseball been usurped by football, but numerous sports have also become much more popular in America. This is unquestionably a good thing. The increased exposure to more sports has made us all better fans. We are more knowledgeable about all the major sports, because they have become familiar. The massive rise in the popularity of sports has also created some pretty surreal divisions nationwide.

And a recent study now shows us what the most popular sport is in every state. World Population Review shared a report on every state's most popular sport. The original study done by analyzed ticket sales and Wikipedia searches to come up with the top sports. The results are very interesting.

Let's have a closer look. Pro football is the leader in the clubhouse. The sport has a total of 19 states claiming it as number one. That is followed by college football with 12, and pro baseball with 10. As for New England, here is how it breaks down. Maine, Rhode Island - Pro Football This is not surprising.

Maine and Rhode Island don't have professional teams. So, one would think the easy answer would be the most popular sport, and that's exactly what it is. I mean, who doesn't love pro football? New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts - Pro Hockey I simply refuse to believe pro hockey is the most popular sport in Massachusetts.

There's just no way the Bruins are more popular than the Patriots, Red Sox, or even the Celtics. I can't buy it. As for New Hampshire and Vermont? Sure, why not. I mean, those states could just be a Canadian province. Connecticut - Pro Baseball I like it. Connecticut going "old school" with its unabashed love of baseball.

But which team is the state favorite? I guess it depends on who you ask. Half the state bleeds red for the Sox, while the other half is all about those Yankee Pin Stripes. This is just one region in a country map that is loaded with divisions. It's a very interesting map to take a look at. Check it out here. What's your favorite sport? 20 of the Most Popular Chain Restaurants That Maine Doesn't Have From popular buffets to trendy burger and chicken joints, here are 20 of the most chain restaurants that don't exist in Maine.

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