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Everything You Need To Know About New York State’s 2024 Budget

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 Everything You Need To Know About New York State’s 2024 Budget

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New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced her $227 billion spending plan. On Wednesday, Gov. Hochul outlined her Fiscal Year 2024 Executive Budget. Hochul Announces New York State Budget New York Lt Governor Kathy Hochul Visits New York City School Spencer Platt / Getty Images loading... "I'm committed to doing everything in my power to make the Empire State a more affordable, more livable, safer place for all New Yorkers," Hochul said.

"We will make bold, transformative investments that lift up New Yorkers while maintaining solid fiscal footing in uncertain times." Plan To Keep New York Safe Hochul says her top goal is to keep New York Safe. To do this Hochul wants to address the gun violence epidemic, improve New York's criminal justice system and invest in communities that need support. For all the news that the Hudson Valley is sharing make sure to follow Hudson Valley Post on Facebook, download the Hudson Valley Post Mobile App and sign up for the Hudson Valley Post Newsletter. "Every New Yorker deserves to feel safe in their community.

Our budget doubles down on proven strategies and programs to keep New Yorkers safe," Hochul said. New York Governor Hochul Discusses Monkeypox Breakout Spencer Platt/Getty Images loading... Balanced Budget Bring "Unprecedented Investments" into New York Hochul's proposals build on her state of the state address.

She says the budget includes "unprecedented investments," into New York. "Our balanced budget includes unprecedented investments in the areas that will make a positive impact in the lives of New Yorkers and that will make our State safer, more affordable, and more livable," she added. Highlights of the New York State Budget Getty Images Getty Images loading... In her plan, Hochul announced $270 million towards her goal of building 800,000 affordable New York homes; $1 billion for mental health care; $1 billion to update healthcare facilities; and $34 billion for schools. Hochul also wants to raise the minimum wage based on inflation and review bail laws. Below are Hochul's top 9 agendas: Read More: Popular Chain Store Closing 34 More New York State Locations Now, New York State Assembly and the Senate will meet to present their own proposals after holding hearings over the next few weeks. NY.Gov NY.Gov loading... The deadline to get a budget passed is April 1. 10 Cheapest Places To Live In New York In 2021 Where are the 10 cheapest places to live in our state? HomeSnacks looked at the 167 largest cities in New York and ranked them based on several factors of “affordability.” Here were the 10 cheapest places to live in New York State for 2021: Did You Know? Over 100 Fun Facts About the Hudson Valley Did you know that Lucille Ball made her stage debut in the Hudson Valley? How about Philadelphia Cream Cheese wasn't invented in Philadelphia, but in Orange County? Or that a mansion in Dutchess County inspired the expression "keeping up with the Joneses?" Find out about those and over 100 other fun facts about the Hudson Valley. Gypsy Moth 'Accidentally' Released Causing 'Nightmares' in New York After 10 to 15 years a gypsy moth that was once "accidentally" released has returned and is causing "nightmares" in New York. Nearly 50 Children Have Recently Gone Missing From New York State Close to 50 children from New York State and the Hudson Valley have recently gone missing.

You can help a New York family get reunited with a missing loved one.

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