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NY Rep’s Letter to the Postmaster General for Westbrookville Post Office

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 NY Rep’s Letter to the Postmaster General for Westbrookville Post Office

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Back in June, some surprising and even shocking news struck the hamlet of Westbrookville, New York. The news came out of nowhere with zero warning whatsoever and forced residents to have to adjust an important aspect of their day-to-day lives. That shocking news was that the Westbrookville Post Office would be abruptly closing its doors. Get our free mobile app This leads us to the present day where one New York Representative is attempting to and calling for the reopening of the very same Westbrookville Post Office that had its doors shut. Photo by Tareq Ismail on Unsplash Photo by Tareq Ismail on Unsplash loading... Congressman Ryan Going to Bat for Westbrookville On Monday, August 28, New York Congressman Pat Ryan sent out a letter to the United States Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

The letter itself has one goal, the immediate reopening of the post office located in Westbrookville. In his letter, Congressman Ryan highlighted a number of reasons why the Westbrookville post office must be reopened. At the same time, Congressman Ryan also addressed how the initial closing of the office was not only wrong but broke a number of USPS rules and regulations. US mailbox from the front with upright flag Ralf Geithe loading... One issue Congressman Ryan pointed out was how a number of senior residents in the Westbrookville community relied on the post office in order to "access medications" that they needed.

The closing of the post office also forced residents to venture to other towns to receive the same postal services that all residents need. Post Offices Across Country Brace For Expected Busiest Mail Day Justin Sullivan/Getty Images loading... Congressman Ryan also addressed issues with how the post office closed in the first place.

The main issue was that according to USPS regulations, post offices are required to give their constituents a 60 day warning in regard to the announcement of a closure. In Westbrookville, residents had only received a 24 hour notice. That notification came to Westbrookville residents only on June 28, 2023 with the office closing on the 29th. Reopening the Post Office As you can imagine, opening or reopening a post office is not as simple as unlocking the doors.

Congressman Ryan also addressed how this could be done in the letter. The letter stated that for the Westbrookville location is referred to as a CPU or a Contract Postal Unit. Postmaster General Claims U.S. Postal Service May Run Out Of Money In '09 Getty Images loading... Being a CPU in regards to the post office means that multiple interested parties would send in their own competitive contract offers and applications to be decided upon.

Congressman Ryan urged that Postmaster General DeJoy review every possible application in order to have the post office open again as soon as possible for the people of Westbrookville. Congressman Ryan concluded his letter by saying... Original Story Here: Westbrookville Post Office Surprise Closing Stuns Local Residents Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working together to reopen a Post Office in this community as soon as possible. Where The Hudson Valley Is Gaining, Losing Residents Most of the Hudson Valley is gaining new residents.

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