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These cities have the lowest rent prices in America

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 These cities have the lowest rent prices in America

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Looking to save on rent? Recently published data from shows where Americans looking to save on their next rent check may want to move, breaking down the cities with the cheapest rent across the country. The new survey pointed to recent population trends highlighted in data published last spring by the U.S.

Census Bureau. The trends showed people moving from major urban hubs to small cities as they sought out a more affordable cost of living. Because of the movement, smaller cities across the U.S. experienced the highest annual population gain in more than a decade, according to But, with the movement also came an adjustment in rent prices, as smaller cities not only saw their populations rise, but also their rental prices. Still, there are places in the country with cheaper rent prices, as the data showed 21 cities have an average rent of $1,000 a month or less. The report also found that nearly 40 cities saw their rental costs decrease year-over-year, with 20 seeing declines of over $100 a month. To make it on the list, cities had to have a population of over 50,000 and offer a combination of one- and two-bedroom unit types. When it comes to the cities with the cheapest rents, most reside in the midwest and southern parts of the country.

Texas had some of the cheapest rentals, with three cities named in the top 10. Several major metropolitan areas made the top 100, with El Paso, Texas, finishing 14; Baton Rouge, Louisiana, finishing 31; Omaha, Nebraska, coming in at 41; Tucson, Arizona, being 47; San Antonio, Texas, finishing 51; and Indianapolis, Indiana, being 57. Here’s the top 10: 10.

Toledo, Ohio. With a population of 272,779, the average rent for a unit in the city was $897 a month. 9. Jackson, Mississippi. With a population of 160,628, the average monthly rent in the city is $891 a month. 8. Victoria, Texas. Victoria has a population of 66,916 and an average rent of $841. 7.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 183,793 people live in Sioux Falls, paying an average monthly rent of $827. 6. Port Arthur, Texas. With the smallest population of any of the cities in the top ten, Port Arthur has 54,280 residents and an average monthly rent of $813. 5. Lubbock, Texas. With 258,862 residents, the average monthly rent in the city is $762. 4.

Jonesboro, Arkansas. Jonesboro has a population of 78,394 and an average monthly rent of $760. 3. Ames, Iowa. With a population of 66,258, the average cost for a rental unit in Ames is $709 a month. 2. Wichita, Kansas. With a population of 389,938, the average cost for a rental unit in the city is $693 a month. 1.

Springfield, Missouri. With a population of 167,882, the average cost for a rental unit in Springfield is $662 a month.

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