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Medical examiner gives gory testimony as third week of Taylor Parker sentencing trial wraps up

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 Medical examiner gives gory testimony as third week of Taylor Parker sentencing trial wraps up

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NEW BOSTON, Texas (KSLA) - Week three of the Taylor Parker sentencing trial wrapped up Thursday, Oct. 29. Parker was previously convicted of killing Reagan Hancock and removing Hancock’s unborn child, Braxlyn, back in 2020. On Thursday, the court heard an emotional testimony by an Idabel, Okla. police detective, who was called to McCurtain County Hospital, where Braxlyn was being treated. Taylor Parker appears in court during the sentencing phase of her trial on Thursday, Oct.

27, 2022. (KSLA) The officer said the baby was still alive, but could not be transferred to another hospital. The medical examiner out of Dallas who performed the autopsy on Braxlyn ruled the death as a homicide from traumatic extraction from the uterus with both sharp and blunt force injuries. The examiner said portions of the mother’s fingernail were found in the placenta, which could indicate Hancock was still alive when the baby was removed. Jurors also heard from a nurse supervisor at the Bowie County Jail, where Parker is being held.

The nurse said Parker has more medical complaints than any other inmate at the facility, and has been taken to the hospital multiple times. The nurse said while in jail, a male inmate gave Parker a compliment and Parker responded, “You don’t know who I am and what I’m capable of.” Copyright 2022 KSLA.

All rights reserved.

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