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What the 2nd Covid-19 Lock down in is really about in the state of Washington?
Jay Inslee’s against the Restaurant Industry and for the Grocery business. Any ideas why?

To start, I’m not a journalist or a professional writer. I’m writing on this new platform because I think it's an interesting format and I think it's really needed. I think that we need to start talking about what's important to us in our own communities. WikiXM looks like a great new tool to do this.  

To be honest, I’m still trying to figure out how this hatred of Inslee’s started but I’m sure we’ll eventually find out. It's not just an Inslee issue, it's a democrat issue that can be seen happening in all blue states.  Restaurants that were just starting to move forward are now going backwards. Gyms, kids play facilities, meeting places have been virtually closed back up. Yet, the hospitals are not full, despite what the media says, 95% of the hospitals are still at reduced capacity because most people aren’t going in. There are so many of these facilities closed or out of business, it just seems crazy. Jay Inslee’s evidence for shutting down all of these restaurants? Inslee refers to strange studies done by Google and more obscure other apparent trackers of evidence but Inslee never provides any actual data or real evidence himself.

Let’s get back to the Masking issue. The CDC says that masks help prevent those that have Covid from spreading it to others. The CDC does not say that masks prevent the spread of Covid19. So what other ways can you get Covid19? You can get Covid 19 from touching anything that someone with Covid19 has touched. The following is an article on a study providing guidance on where you're most likely to get the Covid19 virus from, it was put together using the guidelines from the Texas Medical Associations risk rankings combined with the CDC guidelines. You’ll notice the risk levels going from most risky level 1, to least risky level 4. Getting gas and going to all forms of Grocery stores are level 1 & 2. Going to Restaurants are in level 4 or least risky of all the activities listed.

In the state of Washington, there are roughly 7.6 million people. There have been roughly 200,000 covid cases in the state of washington so far, so that's roughly 2.6% of the state population that has now been infected. Now, there have been roughly 3000 deaths, which based on the CDC’s numbers is about 40% overstated but let's go with the WA state numbers, the number of deaths to cases is roughly 1.5%, a little higher than the flu. Here are the number of deaths to total people living in the state: .0004%. This percentage of people dying happens to be lower than many other categories that are killing people in this state. Yet, prior ot Covid-19, the state never shut down any industry, specific or in general to prevent deaths. So what's different now?

Well to say that its a blatant power grab by the state would be obvious. State officials keep coming out and telling us they are trying to save lives… ? Really? If it's really about saving lives, why haven’t they been shutting activities down that would reduce the other categories that have much higher death rates? Smoking for example? Drinking alcohol as another. Why hasn't boxing and football been outlawed for knowingly causing brain damage? Why are people still working at the Hanford Nuclear waste site when it's been proven people are dying from cancers from the nuclear reactor waste buried in the area? Why hasn’t Boeing been shut down? Their planes killed 1/10th what Covid has done in this state or over 300 people in 2 flights a couple of years ago.

There are many other activities that kill people in the state of washington, why are we so focused on Covid? With Covid the state government has been able to cripple entire Industries, put 100’s of thousands of people out of work all in the name of saving 3000 people? But for some reason the state government could care less about all of the other people dying in much greater numbers in so many other ways? Is any of this starting to make you ask questions?

When most people discuss why things are done, there is usually a standard answer that starts the thought process: Why would somebody do this? Why would a company do this? Why would a politician do this…..? It always comes back to this statement, “Its about the money!”

So if you’re a cynic like I am, If it's about the money, who’s getting it? Well, from Inslee’s perspective, He’s partying like it's 1999! Covid19 is Inslee’s perfect storm. Washington state received $3 billion direct from the federal Government in March as part of the Stimulus package to start with. He’s also killing off his enemies and making his friends stronger. Let's take a deeper look at this. Who are Inslee’s enemies? The Republicans, mostly made up of small business owners around the state. What's the largest group of small business owners in the st

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