Snohomish PUD Helping Hands Holiday Bazaar Returns December 9th

Published   Nov 20, 2022 05:07PM
A reminder that a favorite Holiday tradition in Everett, Washington will be back on December 9th. The Snohomish PUD’s Helping Hands Holiday Bazaar will take place on Friday December 9th at the Headquarters Building at 2320 California Street east of downtown Everett. Here’s more.

Snohomish County PUD is hosting a holiday light exchange and craft bazaar at its headquarters in downtown Everett on Friday, Dec. 9 from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Holiday Bazaar, which raises money to assist senior citizens with their bills, will be locat ... Read more

Meet The Owner – White Buffalo Saloon

Editor’s note: is working to introduce our readers to more independent business owners here in Everett, Washington. We want to highlight their businesses, tell their stories and invite you to shop locally and help move Everett for ... Read more

Port Of Everett Adopts $67 Million Dollar Budget For 2023

Commissioners at the Port of Everett, Washington have adopted their 2023 budget which runs at $67 Million Dollars. Here’s more information and links to the Citizen Budget Guide produced by the Port.

The Port of Everett Commission has a ... Read more

For WSU Everett Students, It Is Rocket Science

Back in June of 2016 we told you about the WSU Everett Engineering Club working on a Mars Rover project. Now a new set of students is working on rocket science. This weekend the Rocket Team team is in eastern Washington working on their project. Here ... Read more

Saturday Everett Storm Updates

Published   Nov 05, 2022 07:00AM
10:00 AM: The PUD outage map shows more than 129,000 still without power in Snohomish County. That’s from an overnight high of over 190,000. Looks like just under 20,000 without power in Everett, Washington at this time. Crews will be working throughout the weekend to restore power. Burglars were also busy during the storm with multiple businesses reporting smashed store doors and windows. One retail marijuana store also appears to have been hit by burglars.

Took a drive around and here are some photos of damage I noticed. This i ... Read more

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What has happened to the state of Washington and the city of Seattle?

What has happened to the state of Washington and the city of Seattle?

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The NW has some of the best Ski Racing starter programs in the Country.

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Democrat Jay Inslee's being outed for his hatred of the Restaurant Industry

The dark side of the Democrat's Covid19 strategy. 

It's not just an Inslee issue; it's a democrat issue that can be seen happening in all blue states. 

Restaurants that were starting to move forward are now ...Read more

Holidays or Bust - which camp are you in?

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Traveling outside the state of Washington It is like getting out of the Devil's land.

So with Covid-19 spreading like the flu during the flu season, what are we supposed to do? I've been around people with COVID-19, and everyone seems to have a different perspective, but for the most part, all their symptoms seem to resemble the flu. I...Read more

China Reporter that first broke the Covid 19 story in Wuhan is put in jail for 4 years

Did you hear what happened to the first Reporter that broke the COVID-19 story in Wuhan, China? 

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Top Home Entertainment - My Netflix Top 5

Well, here in the state of Washington, our entertainment venues are all still shut down. So we are relegated to staying at home and watching one of the many streaming services. I've been a Netflix member for what seems like forever now, maybe 15 years...Read more

Could the current Public School online teaching get any worse? Here comes the Hybrid model.

We are now a week into the school Hybrid program. We thought it would improve the all-day classroom environment that our kids were doing before. We were wrong. 

Initial thoughts: Classes are now even shorter. The actual schedule has be...Read more

What are you doing to keep your kids active while at home?

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Is it finally going to Snow?

Well, it looks like it's finally going to snow. 

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