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How is your business doing in this state of Chaos?

Key Points
  • Covid lockdown still holding your business on the brink, the best next question is, how's everything else doing? 
  • We seem to be living in a world of incredible bifurcation - you are either doing really well or really bad.
  • It's extraordinary living in a time where we think we have so much, yet reality shows how quickly it can vanish.

With Winter gripping down on us, snow falling, ice building up, power outages, grid failures, and oh ya, the Covid lockdown still holding your business on the brink? The next best question is, how's everything else doing? 

We seem to be living in a world of incredible bifurcation - you are either doing really well or really bad. Your local, regional, and national governments have either shut your business down, mandated a chokehold on it, or propped it up with PPE checks and stimulus money that seems to be flowing like water in every direction. It's unlike anything in history - the US government was already $25 trillion in debt and is now spending money like it's debt-free... New estimates show the debt swelling to $35 trillion by the end of the decade. Has anyone done this math? Just raising taxes on the wealthy isn't going to put a dent in the debt levels. We are spending money we don't have, our kids don't have, and probably their kids either... and don't seem to be a bit concerned about it. We're like the hippies from the seventies that thought if they just smoked enough dope or had enough random fornicating, they would enter a utopia that no one else saw. Oh, actually their the ones now running the show... we're all screwed! 

How about the power outages in Texas and elsewhere in sub-freezing environments? You want these same politicians that have been pushing for taking your power grid off of natural gas and onto the wind and solar to do the same where you live? If your answer is  - Yes, try staying outside overnight when it's 32 degrees or colder, and that wants millions of people are currently doing because of these ridiculous policies. I'm a big fan of renewable resources, but the problem is we are letting idiot politicians make decisions about how to move forward without understanding the real impacts. We should also make sure that we never transition to any new power source without a proven reliable backup, and when it comes to power, it should always be coal, natural gas, or nuclear. None of these resources should ever be totally shut down unless there are proven better alternatives. 

Getting back to how your business is fairing in all of this mess of political lows, it is extraordinary how we live in a time where we are perceived to have so much, yet in reality, we quickly find out how fragile it all is. Who would have predicted or planned for the last 12 months? Years from now, we're going to look back at how this was handled and see how many poor decisions were made, from shutting everything down to bailing everyone out to putting a bankrupting amount of debt load on our kid's kids because we didn't want to pay for our own bad decisions. It's going to go down as one of the most self-inflicted, narcissistic times in history.  

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