Jan 19, 2021 at 03:00am

Parents are finding out what their kids are being taught -And its not good!

Key Points
  • Public School Teachers should be concerned
  • Parents are critical of how their kids are being taught in school
  • Teaching standards continue to decline as School expenses seem to be skyrocketing.

Well, teachers should be worried. Now that most parents have had 3-4 months of sitting behind their kids watching them being taught by their teachers, the average teacher should be scared. 

We've talked to more parents that are taking their kids out of the public school system and looking for a Private school lately than I've ever seen. The reason? They watch how their kids were being taught - and they weren't happy. 

Initially, when our kids first started the online training, we were happy that they took to it well. Gradually, as it became more routine and the novelty started to wear off, we started focusing on what they were actually being taught. Through the conference calls, you could see the other kids and the issues that there were having. 

Having gone to a Private school growing up and now watching my kids go through the public school system, I'm finally starting to see the difference and so are a lot of other parents. In third and fourth grades I remember having to read the Chronicles of Narnia. Watching our third and fourth graders read and where they are at, it's extremely concerning to see how far off their peer groups are. 

It's a little bewildering how, with all the technology of today, the educational system has not only not improved but in many ways has gone backward in the last three decades. Today, we have online training that beat out the majority of in-person teacher training. Why? Because you can pick the best teachers to do exceptional online video training. Imagine if your kids could have the best teachers educating your kids, it wouldn't matter if one teacher taught 10, 100, 1000, 10000 students, your kid could get the best instruction. The top half, of the rest of the teachers, could be repurposed into Teacher Assistants to correct homework or improve classroom activities. The bottom half could be put in charge of the school's janitorial/landscaping services. 

We continue to see millions of new bonds and money going into making the Schools look pretty but nothing on making our kid's educations better. We just had the completion of an added to and remodeled Highschool in our area that cost $250 million. Yet not a single conversation about how the school was going to become a top state contender in educational output. It seems the teacher Unions want great facilities to teach in but still don't want to held accountable for their low teaching production. It seems like a totally mindless activity to be wasting all of our tax dollar funds on facilities it the level of education isn't going to be improved. A teacher can teach in a barn if they had to, the only important end result is the quality of education our kids are receiving. 

Discussions on the quality of our kid's eductions have never been more critical. The most important issue regarding our schools is substantially improving the output of our schools not seeing how much money we can put into them looking pretty. 


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P K Aug 25, 2021 at 13:00pm

Well written thought provoking piece. Appreciate it.

test wikixm Aug 13, 2021 at 10:48am

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