Fun Things You Can Do On Friday Nights That Cost Less

It very well may be hard when Friday rolls around, and the spending plan isn't looking excessively great. All you maintain that should do to start off your end of the week with a fun activity, for example, having a beverage or two with companions. Be that as it may, the issue is, activities like this cost cash, and regardless of how enthusiastically you attempt, or how trained you assume you are, the probability is you will overspend and place yourself in a much more dreadful monetary position.

Have a Board Game Night
... Read more

Price Point: $900,000 Homes in Portland, Troutdale, and Batt

Portland’s median home price may be roughly double that of the United States, but even within our metro area, there are big differences in what your money will buy, depending on what neighborhood you’re considering. In this series, we take a look ... Read more

Little People’s Matt Roloff slams his own kids as ‘monst

LITTLE People's Matt Roloff slams his own kids as "monsters" in a shocking new video amid their nasty family feud.

Matt, 61, and his twin sons Zach and Jeremy Roloff, both 32, have been at odds ever since the family patriarch placed a po ... Read more

As climate change progresses, trees in cities struggle

SEATTLE (AP) — As the driest summer in Seattle’s record books ended, trees across the city were sounding silent alarms.

It was the latest in a string of Seattle summers in the last decade, including a record-breaking heat dome in 202 ... Read more

Tech Layoffs, Work From Home Weigh on Office Markets

Published   Nov 15, 2022 11:31PM
Big Tech is shrinking as diminished profits and slumping share prices dictate layoffs, and so is the footprint of the leading tech firms in cities that have grown increasingly reliant on the industry.

Key Takeaways Big tech companies are shrinking office footprints amid layoffs and a bear market.

San Francisco has been hit especially hard, with office vacancies recently topping 25%.

Lyft is cutting its office space nearly in half as employees work from home.

Facebook owner Meta P ... Read more

Council Roundup: Budget amendments considered

Plus, additional affordable housing tools introduced, annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments move ahead and Wintergrass commendation

On Monday, the City Council had a chance to propose amendments and ask final questions related to the city ... Read more

Vancouver Man Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison for Child Sex

PORTLAND, Ore.—A Vancouver, Washington man was sentenced to federal prison today for transporting two teen girls across state lines, drugging and sexually abusing them, and selling them to other men for sex.

Johnl Jackson, 34, was sent ... Read more

Bellevue Probation’s domestic violence treatment gets resu

People convicted of domestic violence offenses have a low rate of reconviction after treatment from the Bellevue Probation Office, according to a study by the Washington Gender and Justice Commission.

According to data provided from six ... Read more

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Kids need to go back to school

Our kids need to go back to school. Unless you're listening to the media propaganda machine that continues to push that covid 19 is killing everyone. Foretunealty the numbers don't support the push. Almost daily, states are retracting their Covid ...Read more

What has happened to the state of Washington and the city of Seattle?

What has happened to the state of Washington and the city of Seattle?

It’s mid-November 2020, and the state of WA and the city of Seattle are in a downward spiral. The national media sees our state as a joke, an example of what not to do. ...Read more

How well are your kids dealing with "At Home Learning"?

How well are your kids dealing with & quote At Home Learning & quote?

Some things we've learned so far on how to optimize at Home Learning.

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The NW has some of the best Ski Racing starter programs in the Country.

Did you know that some of the best Ski racing starter programs in the country are right here in the Northwest? Snoqualmie Summit is just 60 mins outside of downtown Seattle, and for beginning skiers and racers, the Pass has some excellent programs.Read more

Democrat Jay Inslee's being outed for his hatred of the Restaurant Industry

The dark side of the Democrat's Covid19 strategy. 

It's not just an Inslee issue; it's a democrat issue that can be seen happening in all blue states. 

Restaurants that were starting to move forward are now ...Read more

Holidays or Bust - which camp are you in?

We're almost to the end of 2020, and it's been interesting, to say the least. Politicians have told us what to do, where to go, how to save ourselves, which businesses can be open, which ones can't... It's been a year of Government crackdo...Read more

Traveling outside the state of Washington It is like getting out of the Devil's land.

So with Covid-19 spreading like the flu during the flu season, what are we supposed to do? I've been around people with COVID-19, and everyone seems to have a different perspective, but for the most part, all their symptoms seem to resemble the flu. I...Read more

China Reporter that first broke the Covid 19 story in Wuhan is put in jail for 4 years

Did you hear what happened to the first Reporter that broke the COVID-19 story in Wuhan, China? 

I’m always surprised at how most of the American press tries to portray China. It’s usually modest or even glowing like China is...Read more

Top Home Entertainment - My Netflix Top 5

Well, here in the state of Washington, our entertainment venues are all still shut down. So we are relegated to staying at home and watching one of the many streaming services. I've been a Netflix member for what seems like forever now, maybe 15 years...Read more

Could the current Public School online teaching get any worse? Here comes the Hybrid model.

We are now a week into the school Hybrid program. We thought it would improve the all-day classroom environment that our kids were doing before. We were wrong. 

Initial thoughts: Classes are now even shorter. The actual schedule has be...Read more

What are you doing to keep your kids active while at home?

Our kids are still at home even though our School District is transitioning over to the Hybrid model. As much as we've wanted our kids to go outside to play, the weather and changing school schedules started to make scheduling daily activiti...Read more

Is it finally going to Snow?

Well, it looks like it's finally going to snow. 

We look forward to the snow every year. Aside from being beautiful and serene, the snowfall in the NW seems to put everything into a time freeze, where everything that was going on see...Read more