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MSU’s Association of Retired Faculty honors students with achievement awards

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 MSU’s Association of Retired Faculty honors students with achievement awards

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Contact: Aspen Harris STARKVILLE, Miss.—Four Mississippi State students are recent winners of achievement awards from the university’s Association of Retired Faculty. Pictured from right to left are Mississippi State senior biochemistry major Marimba Williams, senior English major Erin Flurry, senior aerospace engineering major Quinlan Kurtycz and senior architecture major Elisa Castaneda.

The four students recently received achievement awards from the MSU Association of Retired Faculty. (Photo by Grace Cockrell) Founded in 1986 with 73 charter members, ARF holds programs of interest for retired MSU faculty and professionals; hosts a university overview luncheon each summer and awards monetary gifts to individuals during its annual Christmas banquet.

ARF presents the awards in tribute to colleagues and ARF members who made major contributions to student development during their careers at MSU. Awardees are chosen by MSU faculty committees in the students’ areas of expertise. This year’s honorees include: —Elisa Castaneda, senior architecture major from Madison, Alabama, William L.

Giles Award for Excellence in Architecture. —Erin Flurry, senior English major from Madison, Peyton Ward Williams Distinguished Writing Award. —Quinlan Kurtycz, senior aerospace engineering major from Southaven, Harry Charles F. Simrall Award for Engineering Excellence. —Marimba Williams, senior biochemistry major from Abbeville, Charles E.

Lindley Leadership in Agriculture Award. For more on MSU’s ARF, visit MSU is Mississippi’s leading university, available online at

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