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How To Create Great Article

Steps for creating a WikiXM News Article:


1. Choose one of the listed Categories:

  • Sports: Topics related to any sporting activity in your town.
  • Education: Topics related to all education issues in your town.
  • Health: All related local health topics.
  • Business: All related local Business topics.
  • Politics
  • Opinion: Topics that are solely based on the opinions of the reporter.
  • Entertainment


2. Article Title: The article needs the best title possible. The title should be short, concise and descriptive. The title should be straight to the point regarding the topic. Also, the title will be displayed in multiple formats on WikiXM so please try and make the title unique.


3. Slug: The slug is an extension of a URL and is the address of your article. The Slug will be how all the searches find your article. For example: The slug ideally should be the article's keywords. One thing to keep in mind, try not to make your slug too long - shorter the better.


4. Article Description: Use this section and be a little creative. Here’s what to do: use descriptive words and give a good insight into the topic of your article. You have a maximum of 300 characters, use it wisely to create a compelling overview. This section will help get our article noticed and will be displayed in multiple formats.


5. SEO Keywords: Don’t let the word SEO worry you! Your SEO keyword or phrase is used to tell search engines what keywords you’re targeting. Then, the search engines can match your keyword with the public’s searches. For example, “LA Lakers Christmas eve game” could be a keyword. Correctly targeted Keywords along with your slug will get your articles to those that are looking for it faster.


6. SEO Description: The SEO description is a snippet of your story - up to 100 characters, and is a summary of your article. Top tip: create an interesting snippet that encourages people to read your article.


7. SEO Tags: These tags allow our platform to organise every reporter’s article. For example, you could give the tags; location “New York”, and topic “sport”. This allows our readers to browse tags and find related content.


8. Article: This is the exciting part, adding your uniquely crafted article to the WikiXM news site. Simply create your article within the text box provided. Your article must follow our Terms to Publish so please read the contract before you publish. Your article must be your own and can not be copied from anywhere else - We will be checking.


9. Key Points: You’re allowed to add up to three key points. Use these to give an overview of your article. Your key points will be featured in different formats to promote your article.


10.  Article Main Image or Video: The Primary image should be eye-catching and engaging and will be displayed at the top of your article. Use an image that’s relevant to your article and one that’s going to engage the reader - it will be the first thing your reader sees when landing on your article. Your images must follow our Terms to Publish so please read the contract. Images have to be copyright free and yours - We will be checking. You may also use a YouTube Video, the same guidelines apply.  Please follow the Terms to Publish a contract before publishing.


11.  Additional Images: Adding images to your article is good for keeping the reader engaged with your content. However, only use images that are related to your article - and are of good to high-quality.


12.  Social Media Links: List your social media profiles to allow readers to connect with you, and build trust. The more social media accounts you have, the better. Another thing, the more readers begin to trust you, the more your profile will grow - then you can become an Rockstar reporter.


13.  Final Step:  Review and and submit for to be Published. This is the last step to get your article published. Once your article is submitted, we will review it for the following issues:

  • Accept the Terms and Conditions for submitting article.
  • Copyright and infringement issues on content and pictures.
  • Content and Pictures meet our community standards.