Become a Local Reporter

Become a Local Reporter

Anyone can become a reporter - Start Reporting today!

WikiXM is for everyone that wants to share what’s going on in their town. If you’re a high school student that wants to discuss school activities or sporting scores, write an article and post it on WikiXM. If you are someone who just wants to discuss issues going on in your area, WikiXM is the place to do it. WikiXM is your towns news. Write an article and publish it today! WikiXM is for everyone.

Steps to becoming a reporter:

  • 1. Signup as a user

  • 2. Fill out your profile

  • 3. Write an article and publish it.

Once your article is approved, it will go live and then you can share it with everyone.

It’s that easy. Become a Rockstar Reporter today - your town is waiting!