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There are more things going on in your town today than ever before.
Let's start discussing them:

Do you like how your kids are being taught in school? If so, great. If not, why not?

Do you like discussing local school sports? Did you go to a recent school sporting event?

Do you have local services that you’d like others to find out about? Discuss them and share with your town.

What makes your town unique? What great experiences does your town provide that others may not know about?

Signup today and start sharing your thoughts with those in your town!

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Steps to start sharing your local town news today

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Signup: Pick your Towns

This simple process enables you to get up and go quickly. Pick your primary town and provide some basic information so we can steer you in the right direction.

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Profile: Create and get Verified

Complete your profile so others in your town will be able to get to know you. Get verified and you are ready to go. We verify each reporter to ensure you are you!

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Article: Put your ideas down and Publish

Our simple step by step approach will enable you to quickly create a professional looking article to publish to your town's paper. Complete, Submit and now it's live!

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Get Noticed: Share and Invite your friends

Once your article is live, share the article via links, social networks, your blog or website to get noticed and viewed. The more exposure, the more viewability your article will receive.

It’s that easy. Become a Reporter today, your town is waiting!

Frequently Asked Question's

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How to start Discussing local issues and News?

Becoming a WikiXM Reporter for your town is simple; 1. Signup 2. Get your account verified 3. Start creating topics that are important to you and publishing 4. Get noticed. Invite and share your News and ideas with everyone in your town.

Who can Report the News?

Anyone! Do you currently work for your Highschools Journalist Group? Do you attend Sporting events? Do you take part in activities going on in your area? WikIXM is for everyone that wants to discuss local activities, events or whatever else may be important to you and the town you live in.

Need Journalism Experience?

Absolutely not! WikIXM is about ideas and issues important to you. If you have great Journalism experience, if not, don't worry about it. We've made the content creation process simple. Our job is to get your ideas out into the hands of the Town in a simple, clean and professional looking format that anyone will want to read.

How is WikiXM different from Social Networks?

The difference is night and day. Unlike the massive social networks that drive user activity, to drive revenue, by twisting and sensationalizing all news related content, at WIkIXM our job is to promote you as a reporter and the ideas that are most important to your Town.

Are you a Reporter? How can WikiXM Help you?

If you are currently a Professional, Student at a School, University, have a Community group site or a Blogger that you report on and want to get your content in front of more eyeballs in your town, Post your content on WikIXM, gain a larger following, and we'll help drive more users to you site.

Type of Content to Post?

WikIXM is set up like a regular News site. We have categories that make up most of the key areas of conversation in your town. We have Sports, Business, Entertainment... If for some reason we don't have a category that is important to your town, let us know. Do you goto a school sports game? Take some pictures and update your community on the game! Have issues with road maintenance? Write about it. We are here to make WikiXM your town's primary place for news!

Why Become a Founding Member of your Towns News?

Becoming a Founding Member of your town's WikiXM news site gives you a special badge of honor and a permanent place on the Founders Page. You will also receive all the current and future paid features for free - forever!

It's Easy! Start Reporting Now!