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Vigil will honor Montgomery tornado victims today in Flatwood

Reporter: Montgomeryadvertiser

 Vigil will honor Montgomery tornado victims today in Flatwood

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Flatwood friends and family will gather Thursday to celebrate and grieve the lives of Chiquita Broadnax and Ceddarius Tell, the mother and son who died Nov. 30 when a tornado tore through their community. The candlelight vigil will begin at 5 p.m. Thursday in the parking lot of 2424 East South Blvd.

The family also encourages people to stop by and donate what they can to the Flatwood community. Ceddarius, 8, was an only child. He loved dinosaurs, and he played football and basketball. He attended Carver Elementary and Arts Magnet School, where he was an honor student, his family said in a statement. Antonio Broadnax, Chiquita's brother, said she was hardworking.

Chiquita, 39, had a day job picking up and delivering medical specimens. On the side, she had a crochet business and often made outfits for newborns as well as items for adults. Chiquita was the kind of person who put God first and deeply loved her family and friends. Antonio said she "kept a smile on her face, had a pretty smile." Chiquita's boyfriend of 12 years and now fiance, Cedric Tell, was also in the home when the tornado struck.

Cedric is Ceddarius' father. He spent some time in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery. Chiquita and Ceddarius' family and friends say they are devastated by their deaths. The vigil tonight is a way to show how much they cared.

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