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Canvas Announcement - Program Manager/Deputy Project Lead Acquisition (FLRAA)

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 Canvas Announcement - Program Manager/Deputy Project Lead Acquisition (FLRAA)

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Canvass Announcement: CANVASS - 2307 -0340-04 (S) – FLRAA Vacancies filled from this canvass announcement will be filled via permanent reassignment. Position Title, PP-Series-Grade: Program Manager (Dep Project Lead Acquisition), NH-0340-04 Location: US Army Acquisition Support Center, Office of the Program Executive Office, Aviation (PEO AVN), Redstone Arsenal, Alabama Who May Apply: Current Permanent Department of Army employees within the local commuting area may apply for this canvass.

This canvass is a permanent reassignment. NOTE: Due to the level of duties to be performed, only employees currently at the NH-04 (GS-14/15) equivalent will be considered. Open & Close Dates: 5 December 2022 through 19 December 2022 Salary Range: $115,599 – $176,300 This is a pay banded position.

The NH-04 band encompasses grades 14 and 15 under the General Schedule (GS) system. Funding: Permanent Change of Station/Relocation and TDY expenses are not authorized. Number of Vacancies: 1 Additional candidates selected from this canvass may be used to fill similar vacancies within PEO Aviation. Specialized Experience: One year of specialized experience.

Specialized experience is defined as: 1) Experience applying budget and financial management for the administration of major acquisition programs. 2) Experience with the development, coordination, and justification of a comprehensive Program Objective Memorandum brief for multi-million-dollar programs.

3) Experience conducting studies and evaluating programs to determine effective use of resources. 4) Experience leading a team of professionals, planning, prioritizing and assigning workload. This definition of specialized experience is typical of work performed at the next lower grade/level position in the federal service (GS-13). Some federal jobs allow you to substitute your education for the required experience in order to qualify.

For this position, you must meet the qualification requirement using experience alone--no substitution of education for experience is permitted. Page 2 of 4 Major Duties: • Serves as Supervisory Deputy Product Lead for assigned Acquisition system and/or related acquisition program. • Oversees all aspects of acquisition to include development, testing, system integration, production, fielding, sustainment and product improvements with a multi-million-dollar annual budget. • Balances cost, schedule and performance to assure best value for the Army. • Manages a government team consisting of assigned civilian and military personnel, matrix and support civilian and military personnel, and the efforts of supporting contractor teams. • Interfaces with external stakeholders such as representatives from OSD, Joint Staff, HQDA, TRADOC, ASA(ALT), PEO Staff, and other commands and agencies, and private industry on all matters effecting program execution. • Leads and coordinates the combined efforts of the Army industrial team in expediting assigned program responsibilities. • Maintains continuous liaison and monitors collaborative planning with pertinent military users, DA staff and other agencies to render advice and counsel on assigned management.

Visits industrial facilities, other government agencies and high headquarters to assure adequate program accomplishment. • Attends meetings, working groups and committees in connection with major policy and procedural matters. • Reviews programming documents received from HQDA to determine effect on assigned programs. • Based on analysis and evaluation of current programs schedule, budget, and performance objectives develops a comprehensive time-phased and budgeted program designed to meet mission requirements. • Responsible for the analysis and evaluation of programs as they affect assigned equipment.

Determines needed capabilities to accomplish objectives as set forth, indicating areas requiring assistance or revision by higher headquarters. • Directs other AMC, DA, and DoD activities supporting the systems to assure proper balance consistent with requirements and available resources. • Oversees POM planning, cost estimating, program planning, programming, budgeting, program integration, interoperability, and oversight. • Keeps informed of current developments in the technical field and maintains oversight of the integration of the project system with other systems. • Directs the development of life cycle documentation for assigned projects and funds. • Defends systems decision papers or other decision documents at each milestone or IPR in the life cycle of the project. • Serves as advisor to officials with broader and higher responsibilities on status of project, progress made, projected future plan and problems. • Conducts briefings at all echelons of the OSD, HQDA, and if required, Congress. • Performs the full range of administrative and technical supervisory duties. • Supports an understanding of the Command's Affirmative Action/EEO Program; ensuring EEO principles are reflected in all aspects of personnel management. • Plans work to be accomplished by subordinates, setting priorities and scheduling completion, Page 3 of 4 assigns work to subordinates based on priorities, evaluates work, gives advice, counsel and/or instruction to subordinates on both work and administrative matters, interviews and selects candidates to include promotions and reassignments, hears and resolves complaints from subordinates, effects and approves all disciplinary measures, i.e., reprimands, warnings, suspensions, etc. • Identifies training needs, find ways to improve production and promote team building, recommends awards, and develops contributions objectives. • May exercise full authority as a member of the pay pool management in assessing contribution and preparing statements of duties and experience for Demonstration employees. Conditions of Employment: 1) Must meet suitability for Federal employment 2) Will be required to provide proof of U.S.

Citizenship 3) Direct Deposit of pay is required 4) Male applicants born after December 31, 1959, must complete a Pre-employment Certification Statement for Selective Service Registration 5) Salary includes applicable locality pay or Local Market Supplement 6) Must possess or be able to obtain and/or maintain a Secret security clearance duration of employment. 7) This position has a Temporary Duty (TDY) or business travel requirement of 25% of the time. 8) This position requires a Financial Disclosure Statement OGE Form 450 and annually thereafter in accordance with DoD Directive 5500-7-R. 9) This is a Critical Acquisition Position (CAP).

Critical Acquisition Positions (CAP) no longer require Acquisition Corps membership with the approval of the DoDI 5000.66, change 3. 10) This position requires a 3-year tenure agreement. Must sign DD Form 2888 (Critical Acquisition Position Service Agreement) and execute, as a condition of employment, a written tenure agreement. 11) This is an Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Workforce position.

Selectee must meet position requirements for Program Management, Advanced Level IV certification within 60 months as of entrance on duty. 12) This position is supervisory as defined by the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) General Schedule Supervisory Guide (GSSG). A one-year probationary period to assess your ability to perform supervisory duties may be required unless previously completed. Additional Requirement for CAPS: • Highest category of certification in the applicable functional area, except for Program Management, which requires Practitioner or higher category certification. • Incumbent must execute 3-year tenure agreement, except as tailored by the CAE GS-14 or equivalent/O-5 level or above • 4 years of acquisition experience Page 4 of 4 How to Apply: Please send an e-mail to: containing the following: Subject: CANVASS - 2307 -0340-04 (S) – FLRAA Required Documents: - Resume must include your first and last name, current address, current email address, current phone number, job title, employer, duties, and accomplishments; as well as hours worked per week and dates of employment. - Acquisition Career Record Brief (ACRB) Please submit all documents in PDF (preferred) or Word format, preferably (not required) saved as “Last Name, First Initial – Document type,” i.e., “Doe, J – Resume” NOTE: Submission e-mails are not forwarded to management.

If you wish to include a cover letter, please submit it as a separately saved document or as the first page of your resume. Application packages will be accepted through 11:59pm CT on 19 December 2022 Please Note: Application packages that are received after the closing date, do not contain all required documents, such as, resume and transcripts, as well as resumes that do not contain all of the required information or are submitted in unreadable formats, will not be considered. CANVASS-2307-0340-04 (S) - FLRAA (002).pdf [PDF - 207.1 KB]

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