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One Of The World’s Largest Caves Is Here In Alabama And It’s An Unforgettable Adventure

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 One Of The World’s Largest Caves Is Here In Alabama And It’s An Unforgettable Adventure

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One Of The World’s Largest Caves Is Here In Alabama And It’s An Unforgettable Adventure When it comes to the outdoors, Alabama truly excels. From lakes and rivers, to mountains and caves, there are many places located throughout the Yellowhammer State that are great for outdoor enthusiasts. Speaking of caves, did you know that one of the world’s largest caves is right here in Alabama? That’s right! Cathedral Caverns in Alabama is considered one of the world’s largest caves thanks to a few of its main features.

For information about Cathedral Caverns and these features, take a look below. Cathedral Caverns State Park is located in the tiny town of Woodville, Alabama. google/Ragnar Lodbrok All of Alabama's state parks are incredible, but what makes this one extra special is the fact that it's home to Cathedral Caverns, one of the largest caves in the world.

flickr/Outdoor Alabama/Photo by Billy Pope The reason why it's considered one of the largest caves in the world is because of its massive cave entrance. Measuring 25 feet high and 126 feet wide, Cathedral Caverns boasts one of the world's largest cave entrances, and it's spectacular! google/Carl Wood Cathedral Caverns also features a great collection of stalactites and stalagmites.

In case you're curious, a stalactite is a type of rock formation that hangs from a cave's ceiling, and a stalagmite is a type of rock formation that grows from the cave's floor. google/Jacob delaRosa The moment you see these stalactites and stalagmites you'll be in complete awe of their stunning natural beauty.

tripadvisor/Cynthia W Speaking of stalagmites, Cathedral Caverns is also home to one of the largest stalagmites in the world, Goliath. Goliath has a height of 45 feet and a circumference of 243 feet. It's a definite must-see! tripadvisor/Thrillseeker104 If you ever get the chance to visit Cathedral Caverns State Park, be sure to explore its massive cave.

You won't be disappointed! google/David Horn For more information about Cathedral Caverns, you can view the Alabama State Parks website or the Cathedral Caverns State Park-Alabama Facebook page. Have you ever explored Cathedral Caverns in Alabama? If so, what did you think? Please share your thoughts about this massive cave with us in the comments below. While in Woodville, be sure to grab a bite to eat at Joe’s Pizza.

For information about this beloved pizza restaurant, take a look at the following article: This Alabama Pizza Joint In The Middle Of Nowhere Is One Of The Best In The U.S.

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