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Does the Duggar Family Still Own Used Car Lots?

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 Does the Duggar Family Still Own Used Car Lots?

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Josh Duggar owned and operated a used car lot before he went to prison. His business wasn't the only car business in the family, though. Josh's brother is running a used car lot now. The Duggar family spent over a decade on reality TV. While family patriarch Jim Bob Duggar built an impressive empire with the help of the series, it isn’t the only income stream that supported the supersized household.

The Duggar family has owned used car lots in Arkansas for years, but one was shuttered after Josh Duggar was arrested for downloading child pornography to a computer at the lot. So, are the Duggar still in the used car business? Right now, it seems that the answer is yes. The Duggar family once owned two used car lots While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar made a name for themselves as reality TV stars, they also have had several other businesses over the years.

As their kids aged and required their own employment, the Duggars found things for them to do. Several of the Duggar boys work as contractors and real estate agents. Real estate and renovations aren’t the only business the family is in, though. Josh Duggar | Kris Connor/Getty Images The Duggar family once owned two car lots in Northwest Arkansas.

The first car lot, Wholesale Motorcars, was operated by Joshua Duggar, Jim Bob and Michelle’s disgraced eldest son. A second lot, Champion Motorcars, also exists. It appears to be operated by another Duggar son. Only one car lot is currently opened While the Duggars lost their reality TV show income, they have yet to make any moves to expand their used car business.

The family currently owns just a single used car lot. Champion Motorcars, a used car business located in Springdale, Arkansas, is the only car business the family runs now. Wholesale Motorcars, the company operated by Josh Duggar, was shuttered following a 2019 raid by the Department of Homeland Security.

That raid led to the arrest and conviction of Josh Duggar. He is serving more than a decade behind bars for his crimes. While Josh is in jail, his brothers run the family’s used car business. According to the lot’s official website, they have more than 800 vehicles available, and the price range is immense.

Their inventory includes a sedan for $3,9000. The most expensive used offering is a fifth-wheel trailer for over $50,000. Who runs the Duggar family lot? With Josh out of the picture, another Duggar boy appears to have stepped up to run the used car arm of the family business. While several brothers worked together at the lot at one time, Jedidiah Duggar is responsible for the business’s day-to-day operations. The Duggar boys | TLC/YouTube Jedidiah, 24, is Jim Bob and Michelle’s 10th child.

Jed, a twin, initially had his sights set on a political career, but after he lost his bid for an Arkansas House of Representatives seat, he returned to the car lot. Jedidiah’s twin, Jeremiah Duggar, currently works as a contractor. He launched his own business and doesn’t appear to have an association with Champion Motorcars.

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