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Florida Area Has Two Of The Most Pet-Friendly Cities In America

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 Florida Area Has Two Of The Most Pet-Friendly Cities In America

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“Don’t leave your pup at home when you visit Tampa Bay,” Visit Tampa Bay states in their dog-friendly guide. It’s with a good reason. WalletHub recently published a report that lists the most pet-friendly cities in America and Tampa Bay ranked towards the top. In order to compile this ranking, WalletHub analyzed 100 major cities across the country.

They identified 23 key metrics and then categorized them into three primary topics. They were; pet budget, outdoor pet-friendliness, and pet health and wellness. “Animal companionship is a great stress reliever, and the nearly 90.5 million households in the U.S. that own pets want to live places where their beloved companions can enjoy long, healthy lives without breaking the bank,” they said. Tampa Ranked #2 Only slightly edged out by Scottsdale, Arizona, Tampa shined bright here.

Pet health and wellness was the area Tampa ranked the highest (#3). In addition, Tampa was at the top of the list for Veterinarians per Capita. St. Petersburg Ranked #3 Equally as fascinating here is the fact that St. Pete was strong enough to branch out and claim its own top spot. In fact, this city region finished right behind Tampa.

Both finished with the same results in terms of pet budget, but Tampa faired slightly better when it came to outdoor pet-friendliness. On Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, you will even find a place called Mutts and Martinis. This large sports bar offers a dog splash pad on the premises. ” With over 25 sports streaming TVs and a dog-only swimming pool you can both take some time to chill,” Visit St.

Pete Clearwater states. In total, Visit Tampa Bay listed dog hiking as one of the best activities to partake in throughout the Tampa region. Furthermore, they exclaim, “It’s a dog’s life in Tampa Bay.” Honorable Mention Orlando (ranked #15), Miami (ranked #20), Hialeah (ranked #48), and Jacksonville (ranked #51) also represented Florida in the most pet-friendly cities in America.

Orlando was the best city in terms of the most dog-friendly restaurants per capita. Florida Has 2 Of The Most Beautiful Bridges In The Country According to Infrastructure Report Card, there are 617,000 bridges in the United States. Outlets such as Attractions of America and Mr. Hudson have each come up with lists of the most beautiful bridges.

Two of them call Florida home. A bridge can be a historical landmark in addition to a pathway that connects communities. Certain bridges, like the Golden Gate in San Francisco, draw thousands of tourists each year. People plan trips around visiting this site and taking in its incredible views. Unsurprisingly, the Golden Gate Bridge is either #1 or #2 on each of the aforementioned lists.

The bridge that it shares the top spot with is famous for its ability to walk or bike over. The Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn Heights to Manhattan via six lanes. Many charity-driven bike rides also cross here as it offers unique perspectives into New York City without any tollways. Florida Bridges In Florida, American Road and Transportation lists over 12,000 bridges in the Sunshine State (though not all of them are in functional condition).

There are two however, that stand above the rest. One is architecturally astounding. The other feels like a gateway into a mysterious paradise. “American bridges are often designed with looks to match their engineering ingenuity,” Mr. Hudson explains. What’s fascinating about bridges in America, is they are constructed of different materials and serve different purposes.

For example, the final and tenth selection in Attractions of America’s feature is the Benson Bridge, Multnomah Falls, in Oregon. This is a foot traffic bridge that is only 45 feet long. It allows visitors to walk 105 feet above the Lower Multnomah Falls cascade Let’s take a look at the two most beautiful bridges in Florida.

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