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LPL snaps up advisory team with $350 million in assets

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 LPL snaps up advisory team with $350 million in assets

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LPL Financial said advisors Steve Boeckmann and David Wyzgowski, who managed approximately $350 million in client assets at Valic Financial Advisors, the broker-dealer for AIG Retirement Services, have joined LPL’s broker-dealer, RIA and custodial platforms. The pair is launching BW Wealth Management, an independent financial practice based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Boeckmann and Wyzgowski have more than four decades of wealth management experience between them. “No two clients are alike, which is why we take the time to understand their unique financial situations, as well as their goals and objectives, to help put them on the right path to a more confident fiscal future,” Wyzgowski said in a statement. The move was inspired by their desire for independence, paired with their client-centered philosophy.

The team, which also includes operations manager Natalie Wyzgowski, who is David’s wife, interviewed several wealth management firms before selecting LPL as the best fit for their business. Boeckmann said that partnering with LPL allows them to provide a superior client experience. Boeckmann has 25 years of experience and had been affiliated with Valic since 2017, according to his BrokerCheck record.

Wyzgowski has 17 years of experience and had been affiliated with Valic since 2007. “We welcome Steve, David and Natalie to the LPL community and are inspired by their client-centered philosophy,” said Scott Posner, executive vice president of business development at LPL. “We are committed to supporting their goal of providing an elevated client experience by investing in innovative capabilities and resources necessary to help them work toward that success.”

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