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People Evacuated Due to Explosion in US City of Westminster

Reporter: Thecoloradoherald

 People Evacuated Due to Explosion in US City of Westminster

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Westminster, Colorado – Panic gripped residents of the peaceful American town of Westminster when a powerful explosion rocked the neighborhood and forced hundreds of people from their homes. Witnesses say the sound of the explosion was so strong that it was felt a considerable distance away from the scene.

People from four buildings were evacuated as a result of the explosion. At the scene of the incident are working fire departments. So far there are no reports of casualties. The cause of the explosion is unknown. The Westminster community is uniting in this difficult moment. Many residents have offered their help to those who have been affected by the blast.

Local authorities have also appealed to residents to stay safe and follow the instructions of rescue workers. As the investigation continues, residents remain tense, waiting for details on what may have caused the accident. It is reported that this is the second explosion in a house in Westminster this week.

Earlier, a house exploded on Tuesday morning after a gas leak was reported in the area around 2 a.m. Human remains were found at the scene, but authorities have not identified anyone. Two other homes were damaged in the explosion. Earlier, on February 14, at least seven people were killed in an explosion at a grocery store in southern France.

It is noted that among the seven dead two children. Four people were also injured. The incident affected at least 11 apartments.

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