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Astro holds Safety Field Day with Florida Highway Patrol

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 Astro holds Safety Field Day with Florida Highway Patrol

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As part of its 50-plus-year commitment to providing the safest transportation in Northern Florida, Astro Travel invited the Florida Department of Transportation to participate in a field day to help drive their common goals forward. As part of Astro’s Safety Field Day at company headquarters in Tallahassee, Florida, FDOT conducted thorough inspections of 16 Astro vehicles.

Florida Highway Patrol officers also led a detailed PowerPoint presentation aboard Astro’s 2024 H3-45 model, telling drivers about what law enforcement agencies look for during over-the-road inspections. Astro’s team members also came away with a better understanding of compliance requirements and safety measures. Industry experts Eric DeGeorge, from Prevost, and Tim Guldin and Roger Gregory, from TEMSA, were also present.

They each offered extensive knowledge of the coaches associated with their brands and demonstrated the latest equipment features to the Astro team. This interactive afternoon allowed Astro’s team to explore cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance vehicle safety and performance and direct questions to the manufacturers of their coaches. “The Safety Field Day at Astro was an excellent opportunity for us to collaborate with the Florida Highway Patrol and industry experts,” said Matt Brown, President/CEO at Astro.

“We are committed to ensuring the utmost safety for our drivers, passengers, and the communities we serve. The event provided invaluable insights that will contribute to our continuous improvement in safety standards.”

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