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Panacea avoided major storm surge flooding during Idalia

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 Panacea avoided major storm surge flooding during Idalia

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Winds and strong tides drove water higher than normal in Panacea Wednesday The storm left minimal clean up for area businesses Water ran three to four feet above normal. BROADCAST TRANSCRIPT: Wednesday evening the water was very high and now it's lower. People are thankful the storm wasn't as bad as they thought it would be. " That was as scared as I've ever been i was born and raised in Florida, which there's hurricanes all the time and that's as scared as I've ever been." Said Edward Clark Edward la "I thought panacea was going to be wiped off I said this is gonna be gone" Clark says he thought Idialia would hit Panacea hard, he's thankful that it wasn't as bad as he worried it would be. "Everybody's thankful and grateful and walking around here saying thank you lord there was a lot of praying going on" Like Clark, Cyper Rudloe was worried the hurricane would do much more damage Sot Rudloe: "I can't quite explain the drive down that I had yesterday was sort of a miracle from God because I remember before coming down, driving over power winds trees anything to get back here just to see if I still have it and the aquarium still here I mean this place is super important. Rudloe devotes his life to caring for marine wildlife and educating people on the animals.

He's thankful the aquarium is ok. Sot Rudloe: "I mean I feel like the luckiest man on the planet right now that's how I feel but I'm still here and that this aquarium from the 1950s is still here." People at the marina have started putting their boats back in the water now that it it has gone to a safe level im Kenzie Krueger in panacea with ABC27

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