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Bucs ticket prices expected to drop this season following Brady's retirement

Reporter: Abcactionnews

 Bucs ticket prices expected to drop this season following Brady's retirement

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TAMPA, Fla. — If there is one positive takeaway from Tom Brady retiring, it’s that going to a Bucs game is going to be more affordable this season. TickPick, an online ticket-selling marketplace, compiled data for ABC Action News to compare ticket prices. Last season for a Bucs home game, the average ticket price for a single ticket was $311—that's the second-highest in the NFL. But this season, the average price is $175, the ninth lowest in the league.

Kyle Zorn with TickPick told ABC Action News it is very rare for a single football player like Brady to have this kind of effect on a team’s ticket prices. “So the NFL, unlike the NBA, is not star-driven. Tom Brady is an anomaly in the NFL. No other QB is going to have that effect," Zorn said. "When Aaron Rodgers came to the Jets, prices have not increased that much, so when Tom left Tampa Bay, I was not shocked to see prices fall as much as they have." Zorn advises that you wait to buy your tickets until 48-72 hours before the game.

That's because, without Brady, there will be less purchase activity, so you can lock in the best price. Buyers should be cautious about buying tickets the day of because demand can pick up, and resellers could raise prices. There are two games on the Bucs schedule—the Eagles and the Bears—that have fan bases who are notorious for traveling well.

Zorn expects these games to be the most expensive to attend this year.

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