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Dozens of Florida gas stations could have received contaminated fuel

Reporter: Abcactionnews

 Dozens of Florida gas stations could have received contaminated fuel

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Contaminated gasoline from the CITGO terminal at Port Tampa Bay has impacted twenty-nine gas stations across Florida. Those stations may have received fuel mixed with diesel, which can damage engines. M'liss Walker is the Assistant Manager at Big Dan's Car Wash in Tarpon Springs. In December, the business opened a gas station. CITGO listed that location as one that may have been impacted. "We were alerted two days ago, so we decided to caution on the side of error and just not sell gas until we were independently tested and cleared," Walker said. Big Dan's Car Wash ran an independent test of its own, which came back negative for contaminated fuel.

Walker said the Department of Agriculture ran their own tests on Monday and reported no signs of contamination. Related Story: FDACS: Potential fuel contamination detected at Port of Tampa That's a relief for customers like Joanne Mcgrath, who are preparing for Idalia. "I came here earlier, and they told me that I couldn't until it was inspected, so now I'm back because everyone is in a panic," Mcgrath said. A representative with CITGO told ABC Action News that while they are still reviewing what happened, they can confirm a product routing issue at Port Tampa Bay. As a result, they immediately shut down the rack, notified businesses who ordered their gas, and told them to stop sales. "I was told that when they were filling their fuel trucks with the diesel mixed with the unleaded, which created the tainted fuel," Walker said. The CITGO representative said if customers believe they used contaminated fuel on or after Saturday, August 26, they can file a claim through CITGO's Good Gas Guarantee Program.

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