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Tampa named ‘Best city to live in Florida’ by Forbes

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 Tampa named ‘Best city to live in Florida’ by Forbes

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Ybor Historic District in Tampa, Florida — Courtesy: Shutterstock — Image by: kanphiphat Tampa is ranked first in a new list by Forbes Advisor of the top locations to live in Florida. Tampa was named the best place to live in the Sunshine State, citing “pristine beaches,” positive attractions for families and young adults, and other factors. Florida’s greatest cities were determined by Forbes’ examination of a variety of factors, including things to do, median home prices, median earnings, crime rates, and population numbers, to mention a few. Forbes ranked Miami as the “most dynamic” city and Orlando as the “most prominent,” but Tampa had the ideal balance of cultural institutions, professional sports teams, employment prospects, tourism, and a dedication to the arts. The region has also had a significant influx of businesses, making it more of a destination for individuals seeking to switch things up.

Along with the new companies and employment prospects, Tampa is also conveniently located for travel to other well-known cities with various attractions, including Orlando or Miami. “Tampa has also experienced an influx of employers across several industries, from advanced manufacturing to financial services and life sciences.

Tourism and MacDill Air Force Base also play a pivotal role,” Forbes said. “While Tampa offers everything you need for daily life, Orlando is also a two-hour drive and Miami is only four hours away.” Gainesville, Orlando, and even Miami are surpassed by Tampa, which has a median income of $55,600 and a low unemployment rate while having significantly greater house values than some of the other cities on the list.

In addition to having higher median property prices and a lower median income than Tampa, Miami also had higher monthly expenses. Here’s the Forbes Advisor top 10 list of the Sunshine State’s best places to live. Tampa Jacksonville Gainesville Cape Coral Orlando Miami Melbourne Sarasota Tallahassee Pensacola Make sure you are staying up-to-date with the latest and most important Florida news with Florida Insider.

Whether you are interested in business, education, government, history, sports, real estate, nature, weather, or travel: we have something for everyone. Follow along for the best stories in the Sunshine State.

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