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LSU Tigers Athlete Flau'jae Johnson's Dad Was Fatally Shot Before She Was Born — Who's Her Mom?

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 LSU Tigers Athlete Flau'jae Johnson's Dad Was Fatally Shot Before She Was Born — Who's Her Mom?

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Home > Entertainment > Music LSU Tigers Athlete Flau'jae Johnson's Dad Was Fatally Shot Before She Was Born — Who's Her Mom? LSU Tigers star player Flau'jae's parents might look familiar. While her dad is the late Georgia rapper, Camoflauge, her mom is her manager. By Pretty Honore Sep. 12 2023, Published 3:37 p.m.

ET Source: Getty Images The Gist: Flau’jae Johnson got the world’s attention following the LSU Tigers ' win at the NCAA championship. Flau’jae’s parents played a huge part in her rise to fame. The truth about what happened to Flau’jae’s dad is tragic. 2023 was one helluva year for LSU basketball player Flau’jae Johnson.

Following her team’s monumental NCAA win, our good sis has been booked and busy. Article continues below advertisement From partnerships with brands like Amazon to her budding rap career, Flau’jae is slowly but surely becoming a household name. However, the athlete is no stranger to the spotlight.

In 2017, she starred in the reality TV competition series, The Rap Game. The following year, she was on America’s Got Talent. And her parents have played a pretty big part in her rise to fame. While her dad is a popular, now-deceased rapper, her mom is her manager. Source: Getty Images Article continues below advertisement Flau’jae Johnson’s parents might look familiar — here’s why. Anytime you see Flau’jae, know that her momager isn’t too far away.

Kia J. Brooks, a self-described mompreneur, runs her own management company —TFNA Entertainment & Sports Management — with her star clients being her daughter and her son, Tray. The three, along with Flau’jae’s other siblings, have a pretty tight-knit relationship. Sadly, Flau’jae didn’t get an opportunity to have that connection with her dad. Article continues below advertisement Here’s the tragic truth about what happened to Flau’jae Johnson’s dad, rapper Camoflauge. Camouflage, who hailed from Savannah, Georgia, was a rapper best known for his single, “Cut Friends”, but in his city, he was a hometown hero.

He was gunned down by a shooter in 2003, only months before Flau’jae was born. The case was never solved. According to Kia, her daughter’s passion for music was inspired by the rapper's career. Article continues below advertisement While she didn’t always want Flau’jae to follow in his footsteps, Kia eventually came around.

“I didn't always encourage it because I was afraid of the rap industry and that it was a reason for his demise,” she said in a 2022 interview with The List. Source: Getty Images Article continues below advertisement “Every year, we would have a party for [Camoflauge]. We all have a party every year and play his music and have some type of birthday for him to celebrate his life and what he did,” she continued.

“And one day, she said she wanted to perform [at the party], and I let her.”

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