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Professionals show how to create collages

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 Professionals show how to create collages

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If you were lucky enough to have had a teacher with an artistic bent or parents who wanted to keep you from watching TV or goofing around on the internet, it’s possible you created a collage when you were a youngster. Whatever your memories may be and whatever definition you might have of collage, you will have your understanding expanded and your appreciation heightened by observing a stunning exhibition titled “BOP! Adventures in Collage” at the Dime Gallery. The formal, if rather limited, definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary will tell you that a collage is “an artistic composition made of various materials (such as paper, cloth, or wood) glued on a surface.” There are 27 artists represented at “BOP!” with more than three dozen works, a compelling panorama of styles and substance. The show has been curated by two of those artists.

Tony Fitzpatrick, the man who runs the Dime and is a renowned visual artist (among his many pursuits), was the curator of the first “BOP!” show, which took place last summer at the Satchel Projects gallery in New York City, labeled “Adventures in American Collage.”

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