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Hopewell Carol Stream Ratifies Contract with Teamsters Local 777

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 Hopewell Carol Stream Ratifies Contract with Teamsters Local 777

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Press Contact: Matt McQuaid Phone: (617) 894-0669 Email: Inaugural Agreement Includes Significant Improvements (CAROL STREAM, Ill.) – Drivers and attendants employed by Hopewell Transportation in Carol Stream, Illinois have voted overwhelmingly to ratify their first collective bargaining agreement with Teamsters Local 777. “This contract is a slam dunk,” said Rita Bomher, Local 777 Business Agent.

“Those workers walked out extremely happy. There is no more fear of retaliation and no more favoritism. We have nowhere to go but up and the sky is the limit.” The new collective bargaining agreement includes a number of significant improvements. These include guaranteed sign-on and referral bonuses, a new vision plan, a new retirement plan, more paid holidays, wage increases, pay increases for specialized routes, guaranteed minimum hours and more. Paul Schreiber has been a driver at the Carol Stream yard since 2017 and he served on the negotiating committee. “What make us able to do things is talking to one another, and when we feel weak, the other person tells us we’re strong,” Schreiber said.

“Through numbers we can have power, and with power we can get what we deserve.” Founded in 1937, Teamsters Local 777 represents workers in a wide variety of industries throughout the Chicago area. For more information, go to -30-

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