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Lynfred Winery expands into downtown Highland Park

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 Lynfred Winery expands into downtown Highland Park

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Lynfred Winery expands into downtown Highland Park The Lynfred sign at 1823 St. John's Avenue in Highland Park makes it official. Courtesy of Lynfred Winery Opening June 6, Lynfred Winery's Highland Park location expands their reach into Chicago's North Shore. Locally owned Lynfred Winery was established in 1977 in Roselle, Illinois, and opened its doors to the public in October of 1979.

Their array of over 70 wine varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, and Syrah, to sparkling, port, and fruit wines, cater to every palate. Over the past four decades, Lynfred has opened satellite locations, Tasting deVine, in Wheaton and Naperville, as well as another Lynfred location in Wheeling.

"We were ready to come out of the pandemic with a bang and expanding into Chicago's North Shore seemed like a terrific opportunity," says Lynfred President, Andres Basso. "We love the community pride and support of downtown Highland Park," Basso continues. The Highland Park Lynfred location is taking over the former ArrivaDulce property at 1823 St.

John's Street, directly across from the train station. Lynfred employs their own in-house carpenter who has spent the past two months transforming the space into a proper wine bar, featuring oak wine barrels, and hand carved grape installments from Ukraine. Lynfred's Director of Tasting Room Operations, Matt Phillips, states, "We've been dreaming of this place.

A place for people to gather, escape, and celebrate." Lynfred welcomes back John Elder to lead the Highland Park location as Tasting Room Manager. John has worked in wineries in Illinois and Texas in a variety of roles in the vineyard, cellar, and front of house. John's kind demeanor, industry experience, and dedication to hospitality will establish Lynfred Highland Park as an inviting, unpretentious gathering spot. The Lynfred Highland Park location is slated for a soft opening on Monday, June 6, but will be ramping up to large grand opening celebration mid-summer. ### Lynfred Winery is the oldest and largest, continuously-operating, family winery in Illinois, producing over 70 varietals and 30,000 cases of fine wine per year.

Since 1979 (bonded 1977) Lynfred Winery has offered guests the finest vintages, gourmet cuisine, and luxurious lodging. Lynfred is truly one of Chicago's most unique attractions. Visit our tasting rooms in Roselle, Wheaton, Naperville, Wheeling, and Highland Park (opening June 6, 2022).

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