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Signode Automation and Packaging Technologies plans global flagship facility in Roselle

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 Signode Automation and Packaging Technologies plans global flagship facility in Roselle

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Signode Automation and Packaging Technologies plans global flagship facility in Roselle Signode plans to relocate from Glenview to Roselle, Illinois, in coming months; new facility will feature a state-of-the-art customer experience center. Courtesy of Signode Signode, a global manufacturer of innovative packaging and warehouse automation solutions, announced it will open a global flagship facility for its Automation and Packaging Technologies (APT) platform.

The 360,000 square foot facility is located at 1600 Central Avenue in Roselle, Illinois. The organization will relocate its APT operations that are currently based in Glenview, Illinois. The new facility will encompass manufacturing for a broad portfolio of equipment and also will include a world-class customer experience center.

The facility also will house division leadership, sales, customer support, marketing, product management, innovation, research & development, application engineering, operations, and reliability services. The new 100,000+ sq ft customer experience center will feature meeting space, a showroom for product demonstrations, a certified test laboratory to optimize packaging designs, and a training space for Signode's customer base and employees. "We are very excited for Signode to join the Roselle business community and look forward to seeing the value our community can provide as the new home for its APT headquarters," said Roselle Mayor David Pileski.

"Forging strong partnerships with companies like Signode is important to us to ensure our business districts are vibrant and evolving to meet the needs of the 21st century." "We are looking forward to the growth opportunities that this new Signode flagship facility will bring for our APT team members," said Byron J.

Paul, Group President at Signode. "The facility is well-suited to meet our growth needs for innovation and manufacturing. It will house our new customer experience center to showcase our capabilities and extensive set of solutions, while providing our employees with a modern office environment and manufacturing facility." "We're in the process of mobilizing the renovation of the facility to install the infrastructure needed for our manufacturing operations and to make our vision for the customer experience center a reality," said Eric Christensen, Senior Vice President of Packaging Technologies, Signode.

"We anticipate completing the relocation to our new facility in the first half of 2022." More information on the timeline for transitioning into the new space will be shared as details become available. About Roselle Roselle is a classic, welcoming hometown community with contemporary ideals; promoting strong family values, signature businesses, and new growth for generations to come.

Visit for more information. About Signode Signode is the $2+ billion global Transit Packaging Division of Crown Holdings, Inc., with more than 95 manufacturing facilities and 7,000 employees worldwide. The breadth and depth of Signode's experience and product portfolio allows the company to offer the resources, reach, and vision to provide transit packaging solutions for the smallest local customers to the largest global customers.

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