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History of Notre Dame's rivalry with Navy

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 History of Notre Dame's rivalry with Navy

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Few rivalries in college football have as much history and prestige as Notre Dame-Navy. Except for the COVID-19-affected season, these programs have played each other every year since 1927. Even with the college football landscape seemingly always in flux, there’s no reason to think this rivalry will stop anytime soon.

Most fans on both sides are fine with that, even if the Irish have won the vast majority of the meetings. An offer for Notre Dame fans For the best local Indianapolis news, sports, entertainment and culture coverage, subscribe to The Indianapolis Star. $1 for 3 months If for no other reason, Notre Dame owes it to Navy to keep the rivalry going.

When Notre Dame faced financial difficulties during World War II, the Navy opted to use the university as a training ground for its V-12 program. The money the Navy paid for that usage kept the university from going under, so Notre Dame feel it’s forever in its debt. The result is many memorable moments over the years.

Here are some of them:

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