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Chiropractic Marketing Agency Expands With New Collaborative Offer

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 Chiropractic Marketing Agency Expands With New Collaborative Offer

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Adjust Your Marketing Blueprint WICHITA, KANSAS, USA, September 15, 2023/ — The chiropractic world is about to witness a remarkable transformation as Adjust Your Media, in collaboration with Cherry Picked Web Co, unveils the transformative “Adjust Your Marketing Blueprint.” This innovative program empowers chiropractors to reshape their online presence, strengthen patient relationships, and profoundly impact their communities. **About Adjust Your Media: Pioneering Chiropractic Content Creation with Jenna Quentin** Led by the visionary social media strategist Jenna Quentin, Adjust Your Media has emerged as a trailblazer in the field of chiropractic content marketing.

Jenna’s journey has involved coaching numerous chiropractors online, harnessing the potential of organic social media and content marketing to revolutionize global health and wellness. Jenna’s commitment to chiropractic care is deeply personal, rooted in its positive impact on her family. As a firefighter’s wife and a devoted mother of four, Jenna embodies values such as faith, simplicity, and thriving, not mere survival. Her mission is to spread the message of health from within, envisioning a world where chiropractic care becomes an integral component of daily wellness for all generations. **About Cherry Picked Web Co: Expanding Possibilities Beyond Chiropractic** Jill Cherry, co-founder of Cherry Picked Web Co, brings a wealth of expertise to the partnership.

While her journey began with chiropractic, her skills extend across diverse industries, including online coaching, consulting, real estate, e-commerce, and more. Jill thrives on working with individuals and businesses eager to make a significant impact. Jill’s passion extends to supporting and serving the chiropractic community, offering expertise in website design and all aspects of digital marketing. **Introducing Adjust Your Marketing Blueprint: The Key to Chiropractic Content Mastery** “Adjust Your Marketing Blueprint” is a groundbreaking program, a testament to Adjust Your Media’s dedication to chiropractic excellence.

This comprehensive course and coaching membership offer: Cost-Effective Strategy: Say goodbye to high costs. The Blueprint equips you with the strategy and tools you need instead of hiring a social media manager. Team Empowerment: Train and support your team members, providing the training and support they deserve. Consistency and Flexibility: Learn to save time while still getting content created and published consistently. Personalized Touch: Infuse your content with your office’s unique personality and community connections. But that’s not all! Here’s a glimpse into what Adjust Your Marketing Blueprint includes: – Video Course on 12 Essential Topics – Printed Course Manual with Worksheets – Printed Wall Calendar of Prompts – Graphic Library with 1,000+ Ready-Made Images – Bank of Caption Templates and Hashtags – Monthly Coaching Calls – Ongoing Support and Accountability **Why Invest in the “Adjust Your Marketing Blueprint”?** “Keep overhead low” was hammered into your brain.

“Educate the public” was your battle cry. You probably learned the value of sending newsletters (on colored paper!) You’ve been trying to post on social media and need help figuring out what to post or if it’s working, leaving you frustrated and ready to quit. But your mentors were right. There are efficient, cost-effective ways to use digital marketing! You & your team know your audience so well.

We’ve done the research & brainstorming to save you TIME and energy. When you use your social media channels and website well and consistently, you meet your community where they are, bringing them HOPE and healing from the inside out. What’s the lifetime value of 1 chiropractic patient? (most tell us it’s between $1k-$3k.) So, just two new patients in a year would cover the investment in this course. HOWEVER, what’s the actual value of one person’s life being changed by chiropractic? PRICELESS Join us today at Adjust Your Marketing Blueprint and unlock the potential of your chiropractic practice!

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