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Photographer dies after accidental hit on sidelines in Kansas

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 Photographer dies after accidental hit on sidelines in Kansas

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Tragedy struck in Wichita, Kansas, when a photographer was hit on the sidelines at a junior varsity high school football game. Linda Gregory was taking pictures on Sept. 4 at the game between Wichita Northwest High School and Bishop Carroll High School when players inadvertently “ran into” Gregory. Gregory fell backward and hit her head on the concrete.

She was taken to the hospital in critical condition. She was reported to have suffered bleeding on the brain, As she was snapping photos of the matchup, players “ran into” her when they fell out of bounds, Wichita Northwest football coach Steve Martin said on Facebook. “Linda hit her head on the concrete apron of the track and was taken into observation to a local hospital.

As the evening went on her conditions have gotten worse,” Martin said. Her husband, Mel, reported the 69-year-old died four days later. Linda Gregory died Friday, four days after she fell and hit her head on concrete while photographing a junior varsity game. — NBC News (@NBCNews) September 12, 2023 Mel Gregory, announced on Facebook, writing: “She has passed and is at peace.” Gregory had spent much of last week on life support so that her organs could be donated to save the lives of others. Mel Gregory wrote his wife would not want anyone to be blamed for what happened, least of all the players. “I know that the players are traumatized and on her behalf, I want to show them support,” the husband wrote. Absolutely heartbreaking story tonight.

Photographer Linda Gregory got hit on the sidelines of a JV football game last night and hit her head on concrete. She’s now on life support while doctors wait for final brain function and family makes organ donor arrangements. #KAKENews — Eli Higgins (@EliTheTVGuy) September 6, 2023 More Latest USA TODAY HSS Super 25 football rankings SCORES: Live in-game results around the nation as they happen Live-Stream High School Sports on the NFHS Network

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