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Opelousas Police Giving Out Free Steering Wheel Locks to Kia & Hyundai Owners

Reporter: 1079ishot

 Opelousas Police Giving Out Free Steering Wheel Locks to Kia & Hyundai Owners

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There is a trend on social media where people show how easy it is to steal KIAs and Hyundais. Not only that there is a full-length documentary on Netflix where this group of guys literally walk you through the process from start to finish. This trend has unfortunately made its way to Opelousas, Louisiana.

Law enforcement is taking action for their community in an effort to prevent any more KIA and Hyundai vehicles from being stolen. Get our free mobile app The Opelousas police department has seen a huge increase in car theft specifically with these vehicles and they refuse to sit back and watch the number of car theft reports continue to increase.

Opelousas Chief of Police Graig Leblanc told KLFY 10 that after having 60 reported car thefts so far this year they felt it was important and necessary to request steering wheel locks from the manufacturer. We received information that the manufacturer may provide these types of devices to hand out to the community.

We felt it was our responsibility as the Opelousas police for the community to reach out and get these supplied to us, so we can supply them to the community free of charge Not only will the Opelousas Police Department supply the steering wheel locks free of charge, they are also offering to demonstrate how they work "to make sure cars are secure".

A total of 120 locks were sent by the manufacturer and according to Leblanc they gave out half of them and said the community is appreciative. Anyone interested in picking up one of these steering wheel locks for their vehicles can get one from the police department with proof of a valid driver's license and registration of a KIA or Hyundai vehicle.

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