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Patriots collaborate with New England artists for 2023 Gameday Poster Series

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 Patriots collaborate with New England artists for 2023 Gameday Poster Series

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Peter Cardoso Pawtucket, Rhode Island Poster: Week 5 - Saints vs. Patriots Art & Design Background "I think I always knew I was going to be in design somehow. I literally had no other goal. I didn't want to be an astronaut or anything, just an artist. I started at a community college in Rhode Island, CCRI, to learn the basics, and then I started working right away.

I worked with a lot of bands and musicians and was just hustling to find clients. I was working a normal job and then making these rock posters at night. A couple of years later I got a call from Reebok and I started designing for them as a senior designer, doing a lot of stuff with NBA players -- people like Allen Iverson and athletes that were signed to the brand.

It was just a sports twist on what I was already doing with musicians." Inspiration "I personally like the vintage look of things, especially vintage sports stuff like the equipment, logos, posters -- all that stuff. I take a lot of inspiration from that across the board for all of my work. It has that handcrafted sort of feel. I was looking at gameday promotion books that the Patriots did way back in the day, like the late 1960s and 70s.

My friend has an antique store that deals specifically with pop memorabilia, and a ton of it is sports-related -- especially New England stuff. I looked at what he had for research, and the way the advertising was, and that's where the inspiration came from." Reaction to being chosen to design a poster

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