Jan 30, 2023 at 07:34am

Black Owned Tech Company Releases New App for On-Demand Equipment Rental

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PRESS RELEASE Published January 30, 2023 By GetNews Dallas, TX - If you’re in need of equipment at a moment’s notice, look no further! The Founders of Mowr Technologies, Gray Taylor and Doug Salazar recently announced that their company has released a new app called Mowr Rentr. The Mowr Rentr app allows a variety of rental equipment options from lawnmowers, to bounce houses, to even a gaming trailer. “This app serves a dual purpose,” Gray Taylor, co-founder of Mowr Technologies said.

“Hosts can earn additional income by listing their equipment on the Mowr Rentr app, and the renters can save time and money by instantly finding what they need.” This new app comes a few years after the success of the tech duo’s first app Mowr in 2016, which allowed customers to purchase on-demand lawn care services. “We noticed a huge demand in the rental industry and wanted to make searching and finding what a customer needs easily and readily available,” Co-founder of Mowr Technologies, Doug Salazar said. The app also offers an advertising feature that allows businesses to purchase targeted ad space through the app or website. Mowr also plans to donate a portion of the app's proceeds to participating nonprofits located in Dallas, TX and Landing, MI through their “Do Mowr” campaign, which will be available in other states within the next few months.

Just click the banner within the Mowr App to learn more. The Mowr Rentr and Mowr App are both available for download for iOS and Android devices. About Mowr Technologies Mowr Technologies is a tech firm that's transforming the on-demand service industry through the provision of lawn care and equipment rental services.

The platform is trusted by thousands of users and offers advertising and potential earning opportunities for business owners, service providers, and approved partners. Founded in 2016 in Lansing, Michigan, the service-based app has expanded to multiple states. For advertising or partnership opportunities please visit www.mowrrentr.com and select “advertise with us.” For additional questions, email [email protected] Media Contact Company Name: Mowr Contact Person: Gray Taylor Email: Send Email City: Dallas State: Texas Country: United States Website: www.mowrrentr.com

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