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Support MSU Baseball at the First Pitch Dinner

Reporter: Wjimam

 Support MSU Baseball at the First Pitch Dinner

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Right on


Groundhog day is today and according to folklore we will have another six weeks of winter. For baseball fans like me, that doesn't matter. Baseball season is returning in a couple of weeks and it'll be time to "Play Ball"! Baseball is my game. I love the history, playing it and coaching it. There's plenty of baseball for fans in mid Michigan with the Lansing Lugnuts and of course our very own Michigan State Spartans Baseball Team! Go Green! One would think that a program like MSU's would have plenty of funding.

The fact is, they don't. Football & men's and women's basketball have deep pockets for charter flights and ease of travel etc. The baseball team doesn't, that's where YOU come in. Each of these young men are still kids. They are chasing their dream, it's the same dream I had when I was a young adult.

Although my baseball career didn't go pro, I understand the dream. I want to help them these fellas achieve their dream. This Sunday, February 5th is the 17th Annual First Pitch Dinner for the MSU Baseball Team. The event is taking place at the Kellogg Center, 219 S Harrison Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824.

The event starts at noon and lunch starts at 1pm. Bring the family for autographs, silent auction with all kinds of awesome MSU memoribilia, MSU Head Coach Jake Boss will intorduce the 2023 Spartan Baseball Team, a tribute to the annual Crosstown Showdown and more! East Lansing native and all around awesome dude, Timothy Busfield will be the guest speaker.

Hear stories from Tim about growing up in East Lansing and his love for the Spartan's. Tim also is a baseball guy and still plays the game! Prices and informatin are listed below. Let's "step up to the plate" and help out MSU Baseball team so they can go after a title and bring it home to East Lansing! Get your tickets in advance, here. Michigan State Athletics Michigan State Athletics loading...

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