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How to get deer sampled for CWD during Minnesota’s archery season

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 How to get deer sampled for CWD during Minnesota’s archery season

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ST. PAUL – Minnesota’s archery deer season opens Saturday, Sept. 16, and deer hunters have multiple options for getting their deer tested for chronic wasting disease, the Department of Natural Resources said. CWD sampling options – – include requesting a mail-in kit , available online at , before hunting or utilizing kits obtained but not used last year.

Hunters may participate in the partner sampling program at . Hunters can also make an appointment to have their deer sampled at DNR area wildlife offices, and contact information is available on the Minnesota DNR website at . Additionally, deer hunters are required to have their deer 1 year or older sampled for CWD in all CWD management and surveillance zones during the opening weekend of the firearms A season (Nov.

4-5). READ MORE HUNTING COVERAGE: Hunters should know the number of the Deer Permit Area (DPA) they plan to hunt before buying a license and ensure they understand CWD regulations and sampling options for that particular area. Archery hunters can use the DPA lookup tool on the Minnesota DNR’s make a plan for deer season webpage – – to check if the DPA they plan to hunt has carcass movement restrictions, or has deer feeding or attractant bans in place.

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