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‘That’s Someone’s Mom or Granny Bra’: 50 Cent Finally Gets the ‘Drake Treatment’ During Tour Stop After Female Fan Throws Her Bra to the Stage

Reporter: Atlantablackstar

 ‘That’s Someone’s Mom or Granny Bra’: 50 Cent Finally Gets the ‘Drake Treatment’ During Tour Stop After Female Fan Throws Her Bra to the Stage

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50 Cent is finally getting the Drake treatment after a fan threw her bra onto the stage during a concert on his “Final Lap Tour.” 50 Cent is all smiles after getting “the Drake treatment” due to a female fan throwing her bra on stage. (Photo: @50cent/Instagram) A few weeks back, the Queens, New York, native complained that the Canadian rapper’s fan base treated him better than 50’s because they threw bras on stage during Drake’s It’s All A Blur Tour.

The “Jimmy Cooks” artist has received plenty of media attention after several fans threw theirs on stage. “Aye can you please go get me some Drake fans? Sh-t just don’t feel right. I need to feel special ’round here. I need them to treat me like I’m Drake,” he said. “Drake get bras every night.

I used to get bras in the beginning of my career.” Fif continued, “Can we coordinate a production as hot enough for me to get bras like Drake?” Well, it looks like the “Many Men” rapper got just what he asked for after a fan honored him by slinging a red and black bra on stage. A recent video taken during his recent tour stop on Sept.

10 in Calgary, Alberta, shows 50 picking up the bra and putting it in his back pocket. The “Power” co-creator held it up against his chest while smiling before jumping back into a performance of his song “21 Questions.” 50 Cent finally gets the Drake treatment after a fan throws their bra on stage for him 👀😂 — Diverse Mentality (@DverseMentality) September 15, 2023 The “In da Club” artist said previously during a meet-and-greet in late August that Drake had fans throwing bras onstage. “See that, Drake gets a bra, I get this,” he said while posing with fans who wore bulletproof vests. RELATED: Former ‘ANTM’ Contestant Tocarra Jones Offers Modeling Gig to Drake’s Busty Fan Who Threw Her Bra Onstage at His Concert One of the bras thrown at Drake was size 36G, and now the fan, later identified as Veronica Correia, has since been offered a gig with Playboy magazine and another with former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Tocarra Jones. No word yet on what size the bra thrown at 50 is, but fans had plenty of jokes after the recording artist received the brassiere. “You supposed to smell it 50 not try it on.” “That’s someone’s mom or granny bra.

Lol.” “Them some nice size titys.” “Nah he paid her to do that.” “I’m glad his dreams finally came true.” 50 has yet to comment publicly about receiving the bra, but if any fans want to throw more undergarments at him, he will be performing next in St. Paul, Minnesota, on Sept. 15 at the Xcel Energy Center. The rap mogul also is slated to perform in Chicago on Sept.

16, Detroit on Sept. 17, Baltimore on Sept. 19, and Holmdel, New Jersey, on Sept. 20. After that, he will head to Drake’s hometown in Toronto for a show on Sept. 22 and begin the European leg of his tour in Amsterdam on Sept. 28. READ MORE AT ATLANTA BLACK STAR.

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