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Power Outage Affecting South Springfield, More than 800 Customers Without Power

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 Power Outage Affecting South Springfield, More than 800 Customers Without Power

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A power outage in south Springfield has left over 800 customers without electricity, according to the City Utilities outage map. The affected area extends from Walnut Lawn Street and Erie Street in the north, to Primrose Street and Campbell Avenue, Republic Road and Farm Road 141, and as far south as Quail Creek Avenue. The outage is believed to be a result of an equipment failure near the Cox substation.

City Utilities is working to resolve the issue and restore power to all affected customers as quickly as possible. Power outages can be a major inconvenience for those affected, impacting daily activities, businesses, and essential services. It is important for individuals to be prepared for such situations by having emergency supplies on hand, such as flashlights, batteries, and non-perishable food items. In the event of a power outage, it is recommended to stay away from downed power lines and to report the outage to the utility company.

It is also advisable to unplug sensitive electronic devices to protect them from power surges when power is restored. City Utilities encourages customers to report any additional outages or issues by contacting their customer service department. They can be reached at [phone number] during business hours or [emergency number] for after-hours emergencies. Power outages can occur for various reasons, including equipment failures, severe weather conditions, and scheduled maintenance.

The restoration process may take some time depending on the cause and complexity of the issue. It is important for customers to stay informed and patient during such situations, as utility crews work diligently to restore power to all affected areas. Source: KY3 News – Springfield, Missouri.

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