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Pye-Barker Acquires Iowa Fire Equipment Company

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 Pye-Barker Acquires Iowa Fire Equipment Company

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ATLANTA — Pye-Barker Fire & Safety – the largest fully integrated fire protection, life safety and security services provider in the U.S. – continues its high-velocity growth with the acquisition of Iowa Fire Equipment Company. Iowa Fire Equipment Company, itself a leader in fire protection and fire alarms, serves 16 states throughout the Midwest and Florida.

Through the transaction, Pye-Barker significantly furthers its reach within the Midwest, adds five new locations, secures the Iowa market and enters Indiana. Pye-Barker now operates over 170 locations spanning 40 states. Iowa Fire's story is much like that of Pye-Barker. What started as a single-employee fire extinguisher business in Des Moines has grown into a successful enterprise providing fire sprinklers, fire suppression systems, fire alarms, backflow preventers, emergency lighting and exit signs to customers in a third of the country.

Iowa Fire now has five branches in Ft. Myers, Florida, Des Moines and Iowa City, Iowa, Springfield, Missouri, and Terre Haute, Indiana. "After thoroughly researching all the companies that showed interest in our firm, I can honestly say that there is no better match for our values than Pye-Barker," said Brett Pruitt, owner of Iowa Fire.

"By far they are the best choice for our customers' long-term support, and equally important, to take care of our family of employees as we continue to grow." "This partnership with Iowa Fire brings us into new markets across the Midwest, furthering our mission to become the nation's preferred fire protection, life safety and security provider," said Bart Proctor, CEO at Pye-Barker.

"Through our purposeful, value-based acquisition strategy, we're partnering with like-minded businesses that reinforce our commitment to our customers and our teams." Iowa Fire's highly qualified team will continue to serve customers in the Midwest and Florida.

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