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A city in Missouri makes the list of the Best 50 Places to Retire

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 A city in Missouri makes the list of the Best 50 Places to Retire

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The experts rank a certain city in Missouri as a better place to retire than Tallahassee, Florida, Long Beach, California, and Mesa, which city is it? Get our free mobile app According to WalletHub's recent ranking of 2023's Best & Worst Places to Retire, St. Louis, Missouri is the best place in Missouri to retire, and the 49th best place in the country to retire.

St. Louis finished just behind places like Tucson, Arizona ranked 42nd, Huntington Beach, California ranked 46th, and Port St. Lucie, Florida ranked 48th. How did they determine these rankings? On the site, they say... "...The ideal city will also have lots of ways to spend leisure time, along with good weather.

To help Americans plan an affordable retirement while maintaining the best quality of life, WalletHub compared the retiree-friendliness of more than 180 U.S. cities across 45 key metrics. Our data set ranges from the cost of living to retired taxpayer-friendliness to the state’s health infrastructure." St.

Louis ranked really high in the Activities category finishing 16th, and the main category that hurt St. Louis' ranking was finishing 181st in the Quality of Life ranking. Overall, St. Louis finished wayyyy better than many Midwest cities, Kansas City ranked 106th on the list, Chicago was 149th on the list, and Indianapolis finished 140th. The best places to retire? According to this list, Tampa is followed by Scottsdale, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami, and Casper, Wyoming (shocker right?!?).

To see the full list for yourself just click here! Where do you want to live when you officially retire?

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