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Daniel Gipple — February 12, 1960-August 23, 2023

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 Daniel Gipple — February 12, 1960-August 23, 2023

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DANIEL Wayne Gipple passed away on August 23, aged 63, after a long illness, with his family beside him. The son of Craig Alden and Margaret Gipple, he is survived by his wife Catharine, sons Samuel and Joseph and brother, Douglas J Gipple, of Mahwah, New Jersey. Daniel was born in Kansas, Missouri on February 12, 1960. He began his education at Overland Park, Kansas, and graduated from Ramapo High School in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. He attended the University of Washington in St Louis, Missouri, where he gained his BSc in business. His minor subjects included drama, music and theatre and he performed as a pianist in local bands around New Jersey. Daniel’s grandparents and relatives were farmers in Iowa, where he spent many years visiting the vast open countryside and enjoying many of their farming stories.

His father was a major influence in business and Daniel’s various roles in business prompted a move to England where he met Catharine, who was performing in the National Theatre’s production of Carousel at the Shaftesbury Theatre in the West End — appropriately an all-American story. They were married in the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Shiplake. Shiplake and then Harpsden became their home, where Samuel and Joseph grew up. Daniel’s work included directorial and chief executive roles in advertising and management consultancies, motivational speaking, entrepreneurial coaching and public speaking, which he enjoyed most of all. His parents and brother were closely linked to the Methodist Church in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. His own Christian faith was at the centre of his life and he and Catharine joined Springwater Church in Peppard, becoming a worship leader.

Later, at the Jubilee Church in Maidenhead, he and his wife were part of the music worship team. During this time, Daniel graduated from Spurgeon’s College in south London on a three-year course, Equipped to Minister, gaining his certificate. His two sons were devoted to their father. His wisdom, encouragement, support and incredible musical influence were at the centre of their respective lives and they are both immensely proud of their father’s American heritage. Daniel’s sporting activities included captain of the softball team at Regents Park in London and training the under-11s at Henley Boys’ Football Club, now known as AFC Henley. He was quietly spoken and mild of manner yet when focused on specific needs, he was a tour de force with a “can do” resolve.

A wonderful husband, father and friend, he will be missed by so many. The service and celebration of Daniel’s life will be held at the Jubilee Church in Maidenhead at noon on Monday (September 11). Following the service, a private burial will be held at the Church of St Peter and St Paul in Shiplake at 4pm.

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