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Freely move between 20+ playful vignettes, from the nostalgia of the classic American diner to the Zen purity of placing boba in a glass of milk tea. A fully dynamic soundtrack that reacts to your actions; keep a beat to enchant your food with a variety of surreal effects. A suite of kitchen tools with which to slice, dice, and further customize your creations. Prepare delectable - or horrifying! - dishes and snap the perfect picture. Experiment enough and you may even uncover some delicious secrets… For more information on Nour: Play With Your Food, visit their website at https://food.game/ and follow them on Twitter Terrifying Jellyfish and publisher Panic are excited to launch Nour: Play With Your Food today on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC/Mac via Steam and the Epic Games Store on September 12 for $14.99, with a 20% off launch discount on PC and for PS+ members!“We’re so excited to have made it to launch day with TJ and his team for this wild, unique experience.

We’ve been watching Nour’s delicious sandbox come together for a few years now, and we’re still constantly delighted by its beautiful, playful nature, the hilarious chaos you can conjure up, and all of the strange secrets you can find." said Nick Suttner, Head of Publishing at Panic. "Since publishing Untitled Goose Game, we’ve been working hard to find beautiful, unique games that do or say something new, make you laugh, or give you a feeling you haven’t had before - and hopefully in the process, expand the audience and expectation of what video games can be.

As you may have seen in our recent Panic Games Showcase, Nour is the first of many more to come.”Nour: Play with Your Food is an experimental food art game that blends mouth-watering visuals, dynamic beats, and playful exploration. Unbound by scores, time limits, or realism, Nour invites you to play with your food in a variety of surreal scenes ranging from chill to unhinged - from a symphony of toasters to a bathtub full of ice cream, and far beyond.

Rediscover the joy of play in this unique foodie fantasy. For special interview requests, get in touch with pr@popagenda.co For screenshots, key art, gifs and trailers, you can find the presskit here. Find the game on Steam. Find the game on EGS Find the game on PlayStation. About Terrifying Jellyfish Nour: Play With Your Food comes from the mind of St.

Louis, Missouri game designer and digital artist TJ Hughes, who creates under the alias Terrifying Jellyfish. About Panic Inc. Founded in 1999, Panic is an ancient startup in Portland, Oregon that loves to make nice things and bring people everyday joy. Originally — and still — a Mac app developer, Panic has also become a highly-focused video game publisher that helped release Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game into the world.

They now set their sights on launching even more games, starting with Nour: Play With Your Food, and a bevy of 2024 titles including despelote, Thank Goodness You’re Here, Arco, and Time Flies. And in the ultimate spirit of creating products that bring joy, Panic has also created its very own handheld video game system: Playdate. ###

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